Somewhere in Dreamland

Somewhere in Dreamland

Infobox Hollywood cartoon
cartoon_name = Somewhere in Dreamland
series = Color Classics

caption =
director = Dave Fleischer
story_artist =
animator = Seymour Kneitel
Roland Crandall
voice_actor = Mae Questel
musician = Murray Mencher
Charles Newman
producer = Adolph Zukor
color_process = Technicolor
distributor = Paramount Pictures
release_date = January 17, 1936
runtime = 8 minutes, 55 seconds
movie_language = English

"Somewhere in Dreamland" was a 1936 film based on the titular song. This film was part of Max Fleischer's Color Classics series.


A young brother and sister carry a wagon with pieces of wood, gathering them for their stove. They pass by three merchants' shops: a tinker's, a butcher's, and a baker's. The children see confectionaries at the window, trying to lick it to taste them. The chef comes out with ice creams, but they already left. The children reach home, and they are welcomes by their mother, Olive Oyl with a kiss. Then, they eat dinner: hard bread and flat water. The children eat quickly, with the boy saying "I'm still hungry, Ma." She then cries, because they are very poor, due to the Great Depression. The boy said he was joking, and their mother kisses them good night. They get in their pyjamas, and they each sing a part of the song, as they fall asleep. She turns off the candle light, and goes to bed so sadly.

In their sleep, they enter a land with a welcome sign, an arch of pillows with the word "Dreamland". They walk happily through the wondrous land, which included an ice cream cone field, an animal cracker carousel, a plot of popping corn-making corn stalks, wonderful toys, and two beds. They laugh happily, and fall asleep, only to wake up the next morning. To their surprise, a large feast is on the kitchen table, provided by the Merchants. They ask, "All for us?" The merchants say, "All for you." They shout in joy, eating ice cream sundaes, and the boy sticks a fork on his bottom, to check if they weren't dreaming again. The children laugh, and a chorus sings "Somewhere in Dreamland, tonight!" as the famous "A Paramount Picture" ending title card appears.


* Unlike most Color Classics, which were produced in two-strip Technicolor, with the exception of Poor Cinderella, this was Fleischer Studios' first film in three-strip Technicolor.

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