R. E. Monks Construction

R. E. Monks Construction

R.E. Monks Construction was established as a heavy civil contractor in 1965. Since its modest beginnings, it has grown into a major highway / civil contractor serving the entire Rocky Mountain and Southwestern United Stated regions. R. E. Monks Construction's headquarters are based in Colorado Springs, Colorado and has an additional location in Fountain Hills, Arizona. It maintains a balanced project portfolio of Public Works Projects and privately negotiated bid work consisting of heavy highway, mass grading & site control, dams, reservoirs, flood control, landfills, mining and specialty work.

Some Project Capabilities

*Civil Construction - R. E. Monks Construction provides site grading and land development services for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. At the height of the recent land development boom, it successfully delivered more than 7,000 single family house lots in one year. Its technological expertise allows it to provide its own construction staking as part of its project delivery package. This allows the Engineer of Record more time to certify the project and to provide services to other trades on the project. Its expertise includes shopping mall sites, golf courses, residential developments, power plant sites, flood control projects, and hospital sites.

*Highways - R. E. Monks Construction provides a vast array of services to the heavy highway construction industry. It has built such notable projects as the FHA Hoover Dam Bypass (the Arizona Approach) along with the numerous state Department of Transportation projects located in the Western United States such as Beeline Highway (Az), Powers Boulevard (Co), Woodmen Road (Co) and several others.

*Dams and Reservoirs - R. E. Monks Construction is well known as an acclaimed dam and reservoir construction expert throughout the Western United States. Since 1965 it has extensively been involved with new and / or rehabilitated dam construction projects built in its area of operation. Guenalla Dam, located high in the Rocky Mountain region of Colorado, is an example of their engineered embankment construction capabilities.

*Mining - R. E. Monks Construction has served the mining industry for many years. It has worked at both large copper mines, as well as small industrial mines providing surface construction support in all areas of mine operations. R. E. Monks Construction has built a solid mining client base, continually serving select companies for over 10 years running. Currently, R. E. Monks Construction is contracted at the Freeport-McMoRan Copper Mine in Miami, AZ.

*Heavy Earthwork - R. E. Monks Construction is considered by the industry a major earthwork contractor fully capable of equipping and managing the largest of mass excavation and site grading projects. Its fleet of over 500 units of modern earthmoving equipment, with state of the art GPS grade control guidance systems benefits its clients' projects that demand early completions with reliable quality control.

External Links

[http://www.remonks.com R. E. Monks Construction Website]

[http://www.hooverdambypass.org/ Hoover Dam Bypass Website]

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