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Secondbrain is a social network aggregation tool designed to allow users easy access to and organization for all their bookmarks and Web content into one personal library. The mission behind Secondbrain is to help people all over the world manage their online content and experiences and share that information with others, thus creating the largest user-generated content library available on the Web.

By letting these people consolidate and link the information they find from sites that they already use, Secondbrain gives them the opportunity to access and use more data than they ever thought possible. Since many people use a lot of different social networking, blogging, document, and video sharing sites today, quick and easy consolidation of their information is something that many of them are looking for.


The significance of Secondbrain is that it works to address some of the shortcomings and problems of other networking and compiling sites. Where most Websites only track their customers’ activities on that particular site, Secondbrain tracks these activities across many different sites. This allows customers of that content aggregator to consolidate what they are doing and what they are finding on many different types of sites all across the Web. While not everyone sees this as a good idea, most people who use a social networking service see sites like Secondbrain as the start of a new era in online networking.

Other sites that compile content do exist, but Secondbrain is unique in that it encourages people to socialize around content, which is something that has not yet been done by other social and content aggregators. In operating this way, Secondbrain becomes a vast library and enables users to find content through people and people through content.

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Currently, the services supported by Secondbrain are:

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