Kaliyan was the sixth fragment of the primordial manifestation of Kroni (evil) according to Akilam, the source of Ayyavazhi mythology and the holy book of Ayyavazhi religion. Unlike other previous manifestations, Kaliyan spread in this yukam as maya (illusion). He is similar to Adam in the Christian tradition. He shares many similarities with the demon Kali of the Mahabharata and Kalki Purana.

Kali Yukam

As the time is close to the ascendancy of Kali Yukam, a sage named Guru muni told Sivan (one of the godhead), "Your greatness, the Kroni was created and fragmented into six and from that, five of them were made to take birth and since none obey you, all were destroyed by Thirumal, and his spirit (the spirit Thirumal took only in the avatars) was kept in Parvatha Ucchi Malai. And by the sixth fragment, Kroni still have a birth in Kali Yukam." He also requested that in this yukam his sixth fragment should be created with a body with eight "chans" (spans - distance from the end of the thumb to the end of the little finger extended).

Accepting his request, Sivan replied, "Good, Won’t Mayon had to come?" For that Deva Muni replied, "Mayon was in his ‘Sleep of Wisdom’ (sleeping) in the world." Hearing this, Sivan assebled, Vasishta Guru of Govuha, Devas of Deiva Loga, the members of Vaikunda Loga, Kina nathar, Kimburudar, Kingiliyar, Sakthi, Vedas, Shastras, Atthi Mukavan and Aanavakkumban. He also assembled all the Deiva Sanga. Then he asked the sanga, Is Mayon in Vaikundam? If he is not there, then where is he? Also they repeated that, Thirumal is dead lying (without any activities) in the lower world (Earth).

Hearing this Sivan replied, "All the previous five fragments were destroyed since they doesn’t realize us. Now it’s his sixth birth and even in this he doesn’t realize it no other chances will be provided and he will be sentences to death. And so in this birth he will be created as a human being with abilities of aesthetics, wisdom, beauty, and sharp intelligence. Also all in the privious Yugas, Thirumal take the body of four spans and head one span. And in this yuga Kaliyan will be given the body of the same size of that of Thirumal in all previous yugas, so that he will have no chances for saying reason for his defeat as the previous ones. Does any one have any opinions about it?" All the Devas, chiranjeevin sages, and the brahmins, those who read scriptures all accepted this and so Sivan decided to create Kaliyan.

Birth of Kaliyan

At the very next moment Sivan came to the decision, in the Earth the Kaliyan, in human male form, pushed himself out of the earth in an inverted form. All of them were amazed and moved by this sight. All of them who witnessed it came to Sivan and reported it to him. At once Sivan rise from his seat and started walking to see this wonder. Then Nantheesurar came across him and said, "Your greatness, you are the one who can’t wholly known even by devas. Why Though was found here? Can I know it?" Sivan replied, "I heard that now there is a being, born inverted, against dhanam (rule) whose legs were towards sky and head towards flower (flower here - earth). So I am going there to witness the scene". Hearing this Nantheesurar replied, "Dhanam was overtaken not there, but here. At any situation you will be on your seat in Kayilai and control every thing. But now all the practices were disintegrated. As you stood up from your seat the whole world will suffer and the dharma gets disintegrated. Strategem will rule the world. The land will be in lack rainfall. The true scripture which tells about the Brahmam will be found lost there substances. By saying this Nantheesurar along with Sivan return to Kayilai.

Nature of Kaliyan

Then in Kayilai, Nantheesurar told Sivan that, we shall call Chithira Buthira and ask him to tell about him. As per his request Chithira Buthira was called and was asked to tell about Kaliyan. Then Chitira Buthira started telling about him. He was born from the sixth fragment of Kroni. His body was made by assembling earth, sky and fire. The water will be the strength of him. The vayu (air) will be the prana for him. And he will be the most cruel one, of all the six fragments. He also said that, Mayon, in the previous yugas, as Narasimha, Rama, and Krishna take a body with 4 spans and so Kaliyan in this yuga born with the body of same size and pushed himself out of earth.

By hearing this Sivan asked Chithira Buthira to tell about his lifespan, qualities, and his power. And for that Chithira Buthira, start narrating, "As he was born without the instrumentality of normal human parentage, all the 96 Tatvas in his physique as rude and unrefined and, would have his intelligence and five senses rooted in falsehood. His eyes, legs and head will leads towards sin. His nature is not knowing the true nature of the things here. He has a life span of about hundred years. He will attain maturity at his age of fourteen. He will have about ten hundred thousand drop of semen in his body (Some claim this as 10 lakh drops of blood). He will attain full bodily maturity in the age of 31. The body of him which was build up with, blood, bone, veins and muscle are made up of water and earth, and this is used for nothing (useless). His body will have 9 openings outside. This toy ( here body) will be controlled by a bird (here soul) , and when it’s time for the bird to go, it fly away, leaving the toy here, and thereby the bird will have no relation with the toy. This bird and the body is free for him in this yuga. And till the bird is with him, his savageness couldn’t be tolerated. As his nature is like this, and as he is buld up of savageness he will not be thankfull.

Kaliyan in Kayilai

Hearing as these, Sivan wants to see him so after a deep discussion he asked Yama, the wicked demons, durga and 3 crore devils to bring him in Kayilai. All of them went in front of him (kaliyan) and told him that, "You are asked by Sivan to come to Kayilai". Kaliyan rolled over, and still his head is inside the earth and the earth is sticky. He was not able to come out. The sky was in ignorance. Kayilai trembled because of this. Those who witness this were shivered. So some of them came to Kayilai and told Sivan that, "Kaliyan was not able to come out and the earth is suffering because of that." Sivan made a plan. He made a single fork using a kammalan (iron Smith) and asked Nantheesurar to carry him out using that fork. Nantheesurar take the fork and walked towars him. Then he using it take him out. And as soon as he did it the opening in the earth shut immediately. Then all of them unitedly pulled him to Kayilai and produced him in front of Sivan.

Birth of Kalicchi

As Kaliyan was produced in front of Sivan, he asked Kaliyan to ask what he wants. Kaliyan replied, "Was that fellow, by wearing a snake on his neck, and ash on forehead and seated on a skin of elephant, ready to give me what I need?" - Kaliyan disgraced Sivan. By hearing this the devas asked him, "Don’t disgrace him. He was the one who created the world and offer food for every life in the world. He was the light which was not even visible to Mayon and Vethan. (This is an allusion to when Sivan appeared in a form of endless lingam of light when there was a dispute between Mayon and Nathan as to who is the greatest and in order to subdue their pride.) He will be able to give what you claim." Then Kaliyan asked, "If he was the one who creates the world ask him to create a beautiful girl for me."

As per his claim a lady was created from his left rib-bone. And then Kaliyan understood the power of Sivan.

Kaliyan Claiming boons

Seeing all these, the Devas asked Kaliyan to thank Sivan and asked him to claim the boons. Kaliyan accepted this, saying, "Your highness, the one who creats me a lady, now give me what I need." Sivan told, "Ask me what you want?" As Sivan agreed to offer him boons, he started asking boons which controls the whole Universe. All logas shivered on hearing the boons of Kaliyan.

On hearing this Sivan asked Parvathi what to do. She replied, "All his claims must be fulfilled but it should be performed under technique." So Sivan created a man named Agatheesar with his mind in order to offer the boons. He was created with great knowledge of every subject. Then Sivan ordered him to give him all the boons Kaliyan claimed. Obeying this Agatheesar offered all the boons and taught all subjects to him. After this Agatheesar met Sivan and told that, "Your greatness, all the techniques including the ‘technique of living forever’. Also the Chakra and Crown of Thirumal were bought by him as boons. If all these were with him it was impossible to destroy him."

Promise of Kaliyan

Mean while, Thirumal who was lying in Sri Rangam, as a Pantaram came in front of Kaliyan, who was on his way to farewell Sivan. Then he asked Kaliyan to donate him some of the boons which was given to him, otherwise defeat him and then proceed. You are a pantaram and as age old person. Also, you have no army and no sword or any weapons. If I quarreled with you, even the lady on my side will degrade me. So move aside and ran away anywhere. Then Thirumal replied, "Then promise me that." Kaliyan asked, "To promise on what" For that Thirumal said, "Promise on your boons, kingdom, your lady, your military and your dynasty." Kaliyan promised, "Hereby I promised that, If I create any troubles to any Pantarams on earth, I, my lady, my boons, my kingdoms, military, all these will fail. I and my dynasty die and will go to hell." As kaliyan promised so , Thirumal buy the Chakram from him and cursed it as Money and give it to him. As soon as it was cursed, the chakram asked Thirumal that, when it’s cursed will finish. Thirumal replied, "When the Kali was defeated it will be away from you." By carrying this money Kaliyan told Kalicchi that, we have now with us what ever we need. Then Kaliyan went to Sivan and asked him to allow him to go to the world. By then Thirumal told to Devas to write all the happenings perfectly, and walked towards Sri Rangam.

Kaliyan entering the world

As Kaliyan and Kalicchi enters the world, there happened a Universal change. By seeing them all the good animals, birds, reptiles, and all Neethams quit the world. White Elephants, White Lions, White tigers, Five-headed Snakes, White Swans, White Cuckoos, White Doves, White Peacocks, White Cobras, White Wolfs, White Garudas, Hanuman, White Crows, White Deers, Good Rhinoceros, all moved towards Vaikundam as Kaliyan enters the world. The good Pearls, good Gems, the old Vedas, good Sastras, went away from the world. The Trichangu, went deep into the sea. All which originates in the sea went deep into the waters. Gold went into the earth. All the idols of Gods, temples and the sutras (formulas) think to go into the water and earth. The rain which, till then fall thrice in a month quits the world. Beautiful flowers leave the world.

As the wicked Kaliyan came to the world, the waves of sea became angry and washed away many parts of land. All the Neethams went into the forest from the country. There the eldest one among Pancha pandavas, Yudhisthira asked the Dharma Neetham that, If all of you went away, how can we attain Vaikundam. It replied that, as Kaliyan came to the world we can’t be there so we were going towards Thirumal. As they replied so, also the Panchapandavas followed them.

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* G.Patrick, 2003, "University of Madras", Mythography of Ayyavali, Page 203.

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