Git may refer to:
*"Git" (album), by Skeletons & The Girl-Faced Boys
*Git (pronoun), the second-person, dual, personal pronoun (subject case) in Old English
*Git (software), a distributed version control system
*Feathers in the Wind (깃) (pronounced and sometimes transliterated as git), a 2005 South Korean film

GIT may stand for:
*"G.I.T. on Broadway", a 1969 live television special
*"", a 1973 album by The Jackson 5
*Gastrointestinal tract, the digestive tract
*Gebze Institute of Technology, a Turkish university located in Kocaeli, Turkey
*Geometric invariant theory, a topic in algebraic geometry
*Georgia Institute of Technology, an American engineering and technological university located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
*Guitar Institute of Technology or the Musicians Institute, a Hollywood, California music school

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