Rock of Etam

Rock of Etam

Rock of Etam is mentioned as a rock with the cave where Samson hid after smiting the Philistines "hip and thigh with a great slaughter" (Jdg 15:8,11). It was in Judah but apparently in the low hill country (same place as the town of Etam) . The rocky hill on which lies the village of Beit `Atab, near Sur`ah (Zorah), was suggested by Conder, but unless the rock of Etam is really identical with the twon of Etam, which is quite possible, the cavern known as `Arak Isma`in, described by Hanauer (PEFS, 1886, 25), suits the requirements of the story better. The cavern, high up on the northern cliffs of the Wady Isma`in, is a noticeable object from the railway as the train enters the gorge. "International Standard Bible Encyclopedia", 1915 (public domain)]


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