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Spy Groove

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"Spy Groove" was an action animated series that aired for one season on Teletoon and for only six episodes on MTV. "Spy Groove" was created by Michael Gans, Richard Register and Kevin Thomsen, who also wrote and did voices for the show. The general plot is about two secret agents, Agent Number One and Agent Number Two, and the missions their boss, Helena Troy, gives to them.

Artistic style

The "Spy Groove" artistic style is basic and shiny, with brilliant colours and dark lines. There is constantly tongue-in-cheek elements throughout every episode including fast-paced dialogue and strange characters.

Agent No.1 and No.2 were modeled after Matt Damon and Ben Affleck respectively.


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As typical with any secret agent series, the Agents were equipped with a plethora of high-tech toys disguised as more mundane items. However, keeping with the tone of the series the gadgets often contained various features, functions, and stylish trademarks that often ranged from convenient to the ridiculously useless (at least until the story-line made the item useful). Some examples include:

*A pane of windshield glass that collapses down into a book of matches.
*A corkscrew bottle-opener/thermo-coil/hummingbird feeder.
*Digital, MP3 downloading divining rod (from the Sharper Image)
*Cocktail drink coaster/two-way communicator w. digital holographic projection capability.
*Inflatable Life-sized Ricky Martin decoy.
*"Dry-Spy" optional car modification. Converts a lime green convertible into a lime green submarine (very Chitty Chitty Bang Bang).


The majority of the Spy Groove villains are of the sort found in most secret agent fare. However very few were interested in global domination, but instead obsessed with some little slice of modern culture. For example, a plan to get all top 10 of the most eligible Hollywood bachelors (as defined by "Blather" magazine) married so that poor #11 would finally get noticed. Or to get every coffee drinker in the world addicted to the villains' own special blend.Some of the more memorable Spy Grove villains include:

1/ Mr. Fish: a former hypnotist who did guest spots on the old Sonny and Cher Show, now obsessed with becoming the absolute creator of the fad of the week. He once tried to destroy Miami by causing a tidal wave, then donating some nearby swampland he had bought to the dispossessed citizens to make New Miami, and then using their gratitude towards him to let him hypnotize them with Bavarian Slap-dancing to a salsa beat. Once hypnotized the people of the international fad capital would adopt whatever fad he told them to, and thus... so would the world.

2/ Rock Debris: a tacturn and irritable mercenary for hire who 'kicked for several of the Spy Groove villains. He specialized in blowing things up and looking cranky. He's memorable because he was probably the most often seen rogue in the gallery.

3/ Sierra Nevada: daughter of a wealthy casino tycoon, and herself a robotics genius. She and Agent Number One are star-crossed lovers a la Batman and Catwoman as they both possess intellects that the other can respect. Her robots are often so lifelike that they can be mistaken for the people they resemble.

4/The Marquis de Guy: the other Prince of Perve (WWE Superstar Goldust being the first one), this Champagne Magnate has an affection for S and M and a few other letters best not considered. He schemed with Mimi Laverve to unleash genetically engineered butterflies to destroy the grape crops of the world's sparkling white wine giants so that whenever anyone toasts the new year, they must toast with him (or at least with his champagne). He is probably one of the villains that the Agents created when they got everyone to blow off his millennium party and go to the Bermuda Triangle instead... that night when the clock struck twelve the Marquis struck the clock in his home with a shoe, "stopping time" and thus he now perpetually carries the shoe in his hand ("I was holding zee shoe when I stopped time. Therefore I am holding zee shoe. That is how it works, no?")

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