IMOCA (Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art)

IMOCA (Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art)

The iMOCA, also known as the Indy MOCA or Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art was opened in 2003. It is located in the historic Emelie Building in downtown Indianapolis where it has resided for the past three years. The museum is a non-profit, non-collective arts organization that displays contemporary art from around the world and of all media.

Exhibition Archive

2008 Exhibitions:
[ Chakaia Booker: The Making of a Public Art Exhibition]
[ Is You Is or Is You Ain't]
[ New Adam Pendleton's Rendered in Black and Events Are]

2007 Exhibitions:
[ New Work by Jeff Gabel]
[ XANADU] : Armageddon is set to a disco beat in Robert Boyd's four-part video installation.
[ Efroymson Contemporary Arts Fellows] : 2004: Gregory Hull, Linda Adele Goodine, Eric Nordgulen, Marc Jacobson, and David Russick. 2005: Katrin Asbury, Stuart Hyatt, Emily W. Kennerk, Brian Myers, and Jamie Pawlus.

2006 Exhibitions:
[ Living with Contemporary Art] : Josh Azzarella, John Baldessari, Chuck Close, Lucinda Devlin, Jeff Koons, Ellen Kooi, Loretta Lux, Shiran Neshat, Shazia Sikander, Rosemary Trockel, Banks Violette, Kara Walker, Andy Warhol, Kehinde Wiley and many others.
[ Mpozi Mshale Tolbert]
[ Jamie Pawlus & Ryan Wolfe]
[ Conrad Bakker]
[ Brian Presnell]
[ Reanne Estrada]

2005 Exhibitions:
[ Ron Arad]
[ Tim Gardner]
[ Hugh & Alethea]
[ Altered Spaces] : Robert Beck, Greg Hull, Jesper Just, Vincent Lamouroux and Sean McFarland.
[ Rashid Johnson]
[ Guy Richards Smit]

2004 Exhibitions:
[ When Contemporary Art Speaks] : Stephanie Brooks, Harrell Fletcher, Kevin Hamilton, Adam Pendleton, Tomas Schmit, and Erwin Wurm.
[ Out of Place Two] : Ken Fandell – photography, Anthony Goicolea – video, Dwayne Moser – mixed media, Kari Thomas – installation.
[ Out of Place One] : Craig Doty, Theresa Gooby, Nicky Hoberman, and Lee Walton.
[ Earth, Air, Fire & Water] : Charles Gick, Jeremy Tubbs, Bill Viola and Patrick Zentz.

2003 Exhibitions:
[ The Cremaster Cycle] : For the first time in Indiana, Matthew Barney presents the Cremaster cycle in its entirety.

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