Smka shams

Smka shams

Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Sheikh Haji Mohd Said or The Sheikh Haji Mohd Said Religious Institution .The common abbreviation for the school is often referred as SHAMS which stands for Sheikh Haji Mohd Said School.The school is the national type elite Arabic school. It has been distinguished with enormous awards and ensures the equilibrium in melting the abstruse knowledges of the religion apart from giving excellent teaching to the students. Students here are highly selected based on specifications determined by the department.The school has been the top institution for its remarkable excellence every year in national assessments in reference to the production of best students every year. SHAMS has recently being the second phase of institution to be branded as the cluster school of excellence(KSC). It caters the need of producing the human capital with remarkable manner and civilism. The school has been the pride of Seremban standing with its own prestigious historical excellence since it was first established in 1959.As one of the cluster school in Malaysia which must be recognized internationally,the school has been signing the MoU with Madrasah Aliah Negeri,Bukit Tinggi ,Indonesia [] to foster the educational gap between Malaysia and the republic apart from widening the scope of understanding between both countries.

Historical Developments

The school was first operating on the 1st of June 1959 at the old Seri Menanti's Castle Kuala Pilah with the enrollment of students of 40 males only.It was under the umbrella of the Local Government of Negeri Sembilan and formally known as "Sekolah Menengah Ugama Tinggi (SUMT) Negeri Sembilan" with reference to as the first religious school in Negeri Sembilan.In 1963,starting with the intake of 20 females, it gradually continues the total intake of 135 students until reaching 1964.The school was finally getting its own site of 11 acres at Jalan Tunku Kurshiah, Sikamat, Seremban which was also adjacent to Tunku Kurshiah College(TKC),Seremban, one of the famous leading resedential school on that time.In the late 1977,the school management was given back to the Ministry of Education Malaysia and the school name was subsequently altered to "Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Ugama(SMKU) Seremban".Finally in 1994, in reference to its celebration of 'Jubli Perak' ,the school's name was changed to the current name which was initially taken on the name of a distinguished ulema ,"Sheikh Haji Mohd Said".The name was remained until now.In 2009,the school will be celebrating 'Jubli Emas' of establishing and the tremendous development has proven the precious success.

chool's Principals

* Dato' Haji Hassan Bin Mat Sail
* Dato' Haji M. Staffa Bin Haji Ahmad
* Dato' Haji Nawawi Bin Hassan
* Mr Amin Bin Amat
* Dato' Haji Mohd Yusof Bin Haji Ahmad
* Mr Morad Bin Haji Abdul Samad
* Mr Abdul Ghafar Bin Haji Sareh
* Dato' Haji Mohd Yusof Bin Haji Ahmad
* Mdm Hajah Khuzaimah Binti Sulaiman P.M.C"Senior Principal(Pengetua Kanan)"JUSA C PRINCIPAL(Pengetua Cemerlang JUSA C)"see profile []
* Mr Haji Abdullah Bin Endut"Senior Principal(Pengetua Kanan)"
* Mdm Hajah Wan Ruhayah Binti Wan Yaacob"Excellent Principal(Pengetua Cemerlang)"


World and Hereafter as the Assertion of Life


'SHAMS Continuously being Excellent'




Catering quality education to produce students who excels in the world and hereafter based on the religion's aspiration

Customer's Charter

We as the educator of SMKA SHAMS with remarkable constancy and commitment will converge the efforts:


Delivering quality teaching to the students by:
* Completing the syllabus at least by the month of July
* Enhancing the students with sufficient reinforcements
* Conducting quality learning and teaching
* Conducting quality assessments
* Giving wide chances to the students in participating in the co-curricular activities based on their passions and talents through a wholly participation
* Giving sufficient reinforcements to ensure that the students acquiring maximum skills in the involved fields
* Catering fair servings in all aspects of education
* Providing the hospitality and conducive learning ambience to enable students getting a perfect education
* Serving the welfare and safety regardless time

* Managing the student's enrollment to school and hostel systematically and efficiently
* Providing response regarding the assessments at least three weeks after the examinations ended
* Giving a hospitable serving to the parents at the counter

* Ensuring that the educators and staffs being given the fair opportunity and serving in their job


Ensuring that every command and application from the Ministry of Education,State Educational Department,and District Educational Department being answered in the given period


Consistent efforts in teaching based on the Koran and As - Sunna to produce students with total knowledges, skillful, well-mannered, dignified,Godly and being a servant with remarkable responsibility towards the religion, himself, family, community and country

tudent's Specification

Student who wishes to enter the school with the following criterias:
* Form 1 - any candidates from the Government Primary School obtaining minimum "5As" in the UPSR examination. Students from the non-government school who got "5As" in UPSR will be considered with plea only. Priority will be given to the government-based students.
* Form 4 - Minimum "6A" achievement in PMR examination
* Lower Six - Pass SPM examination and obtained at least 3 credits inclusive of Malay Language. To enter the Art Stream, students must obtain a total aggregate not more than 12 units for the best THREE subjects.

NOTE :The entry to the school is under the control Department of Islamic and Moral,Ministry of Education Malaysia and students must have to have an interview and sit for a test before accepted.Confirmation letter will be posted at least one week after the school commences.There will be at least 4 intakes of students to the school.

Lower Certificate Examination Malaysia

Lower Certificate Examination Malaysia /Penilaian Menengah Rendah (Lower Certificate Examination Malaysia)


PERFECT SCORES of 9 A'S (Pointer :1.00)

1. Khairi Haziq bin Yusof

2. Safirul Mohd Izzat bin Saharudin

3. Ani Arina binti Misri

4. Farah Afiqah binti Rosli

5. Farah Hanisah binti Haji Ridzuan

6. Nur Nabilah Atiqah binti Abdul Wahid

7. Iskandar Afiq bin Razali

8. Diyanah Nabilah binti Kamarudin

9. Farah Nabilah binti Abdul Rahim

10. Farah Nabilah binti Shafiee

11. Nur Shakirin binti Azhar

12. Nur Syuhada binti Mohd Shapeni

13. Nurul Huda binti Mohd Nor

14. Muhammad Ihsanuddin bin Nawawi

15. Uwais Al Qarni bin Mohd Isa

16. Zulfawwaz bin Mohammad

17. Afifah binti Abdul Malek

18. Noraini binti Muaziz

19. Shuhaila binti Sharif

20. Siti Atiqah binti Abdul Rahim

21. Muhammad Syafiq bin Hamdan

22. Ainal Mardiah binti Ahmad Zahidi

23. Nur Syafiqah binti Samion

24. Nurhanis binti Mohd Sharif

25. Shaheera Adila binti Mohd Nor

26. Siti Aliah Hafizah binti Adris

27. Abu Bakar bin Rostam

28. Ameerul Aiman bin Awalludin

29. Mohammad Aizuddin bin Mohd Yaakub

30. Nor Akmal Hakim bin Kamarulzaman

31. Nor Haziqah binti Othman

32. Anis Fatihah binti Ali Shaifuddin

33. Aziellah binti Abdullah

34. Munirah binti Mohd Nor (School's Best Student)

35. Siti Hazirah binti Zaini

EXCELLENT SCORES OF 8 A'S (Pointer :1.11)

36. Ahmad Salehuddin Sabri bin Mahadi

37. Mohd Haizal bin Hairos

38. Muhammad Safwan bin Hasamuddin

39. Nur Afiqqa binti Rashid

40. Atiqa binti Abu Bakar

41. Nur Izzaty binti Mohd Hanapiah

42. Nurul Jannah binti Jamaludin

43. Nurun Nazahah binti Mohd Mazwil

44. Muhammad Firdaus bin Zulkafli

45. Muhammad Raffsan bin Dato' Haji Lillah

46. Ain Sofiah binti Mohd Yusoff

47. Farah Azwani binti Saflan

48. Nur Sharima binti Abdullah

49. Muhammad Mustaqim bin Hamdan

50. Muhammad Nur Iman bin Mohamad Hussein

51. Hasniza binti Hassan

52. Nurul Hanis binti Aminudin Jafry

53. Nur Sakinah binti Khairir

54. Salleh Al Amani bin Azlan

55. Norizatul Akmal binti Kamaruddin

56. Nur Hazimah binti Nordin

57. Mohd Saifudin bin Mohd Salleh

58. Katrul Nadia binti Basri

59. Siti Haliza binti Noor Aziz

60. Raja Haiqal Ariffarhan

61. Ahmad Musthofa bin Jais


PERFECT SCORES of 9 A'S (Pointer :1.00)

1. Abdul Adl bin Abdul Rahman

2. Ahmad Munawwar bin Mohd Thazali (Negeri's Best Student)

3. Aida Ashikin binti Abdullah

4. Mardhiah binti Baharin

5. Mardhiyah binti Abdul Razak

6. Marina binti Musa

7. Mohd Kauthar bin Rozmal

8. Mohd Khairul Azizi bin Mohd Zaki

9. Muhammad Asyraf bin Mat Azmi

10. Muhammad bin Mohd Roslan

11. Muhammad Furqan bin Abdullah

12. Muhammad Redha bin Jamaludin

13. Muhammad Zaid bin Mohamad Nasir (School's Best Student)

14. Naadira binti Mohammad Nasir

15. Najmu Fatihah binti Mohd Zin

16. Norjeehan binti Junaidi

17. Nur Ain Syakirah binti Sharifuddin

18. Nur Ain binti Nor Azlan

19. Nur Ezzati Aiza binti Mahat

20. Nuratiqah Amni binti Badrol Zaman

21. Nurshahira Ashwani binti Awang

22. Nursyuhada binti Azman

23. Nurul Afifah binti Rosli

24. Ros Amalina binti Muhammad Hanif Lim

25. Syed Zain Abhar bin Syed Abdul Aziz

26. Umar Haziq bin Aminurrahman

27. Ain Nadhirah binti Muhammad

EXCELLENT SCORES OF 8 A'S (Pointer :1.11)

28. Ameera binti Harunarrsheed

29. Atiqah Syairah binti Kamarozaman

30. Farah Fatihin binti Mohd Azahari

31. Fathiyah binti Saiful Bahrin

32. Fatin Hanani binti Huraira

33. Kamarul Ariffin bin Maizan

34. Khairunnisa binti Mohd Ali

35. Mohamad Hazrafisz bin Maarif

36. Mohd Zarin bin Maszalan

37. Mohd Azriq bin Rosman

38. Mohd Dzulkarnain bin Mohd Jefri

39. Mohd Fathi bin Saiful Bahrin

40. Mohd Nazarul Affan bin Abdul Rahim

41. Muhammad Amirul bin Hamlad

42. Muhammad Radhi bin Rusdin

43. Muhammad Redha bin Zaid

44. Muhammad Shakir bin Amin Nordin

45. Muhammad Syukri bin Mohamad Misenan

46. Mustafizur Rahman bin Mokhtar

47. Noor Faezah binti Murat

48. Nor Salina binti Sarif

49. Nur Amalina binti Rasid

50. Nur Amira binti Amron

51. Nur Izzati binti Ardnan

52. Nurameerah binti Baharudin

53. Nur Fatin Aqilah binti Adenan

54. Nur Afira binti Razali

55. Nurul Diyanah binti Samsuri

56. Siti Nazirah binti Mohamad Haris

57. Zharif binti Baharudin

58. Fariz Izwan bin Ishak

59. Mohamad Fazehi bin Mohamad Yunus

60. Mohd Nor Ashraf Hakimi bin Abu Bakar

61. Muhammad Arif Aizat bin Shahrom

62. Muhammad Azizi bin Johari

63. Muhammad Iktisyam bin Mohd Zainal

64. Muhammad Nadzrey bin Rosli

65. Muhammad Yasri bin Yusof

66. Nor Farahain binti Dzulkafli

67. Nur Ayuni binti Mohd Paiz

68. Nur Muhammad bin Mohd Zailan

69. Nurqayyum Arafaat bin Ruslan

70. Nurshafiqa binti Mohamad Sidin

71. Siti Ainul Mardiyah binti Ariffin

72. Siti Khadijah binti Badar Sharif

73. Zaidatul Hasanah binti Zuri Zabuddin

74. Mohd Amirul Afiq bin Rosli

Malaysia Educational Certificate

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia /(Malaysia Educational Certificate)



1. Hanan binti Mahmood

2. Khairiyah binti Mustapha


3. Ikhwan Hafriz bin Mohammed Nor (School's Best Student)

4. Nadeera Hufaifa binti Huzaili


5. Amir Firdaus bin Ali Shaiffudin

6. Nor Shamira binti Mohd Radzi

7. Zahier Zikri bin Abdul Jalil

8. Nur Farhana binti Roseli


9. Abdul Hanan bin Muhammad

10. Ahmad Taufik bin Mokhtaza

11. Ahmad Zakwan Hariz bin Abdul Azzis

12. Muhammad Afdhaludin bin Muhammad Adib

13. Nurul Azura binti Alias

14. Nurul Nadiah binti Muhammad

15. Syuhaidah binti Abu Bakar

16. Aiman bin Badrul Hisham


17. Nur Hafizah binti Adnan

18. Afiqa Nurul Aida binti Ahmad Rusli

19. Anas Fahmie bin Helmi Zakuan

20. Nurul Amira binti Abu Bakar

21. Syahirah Arinah binti Ruslan

22. Mohamad Nasri bin Maszalan

23. Arief Farhan bin Rafique Ali

24. Muhammad Afiq bin Rahim

25. Nur Bahiyah Salabiah binti Roslin


26. Said bin Kemi

27. Muhammad Tahsin Islahi bin Wahiduddin

28. Raudhah binti Abu Samah

29. Siti Hazura binti Hassim

30. Syahmi bin Mohid

31. Nurul Hazwani binti Zolkiply

32. Hasnulfahmi bin Ramly

33. Muhamad Arif bin Abdullah

34. Iryani Nashihin binti Mohamad Idrus

35. Lailatussa'adah binti Mohamad Johari

36. Nor Azlin binti Ahamad


37. Ahmad Nabeil bin Alias

38. Firdaus bin Md Lazim

39. Muhamad Faiz bin Ishak

40. Muhammad Luqman bin Mohd Nazari

41. Sharifah Faeza binti Syed Abdul Rahim

42. Illani binti Riza

43. Mohamad Ridzuan bin Mohd Sharif

44. Nurul Husna binti Mustafa

45. Farah Wahidah binti Musa

46. Mohd Safwan bin Samhudi Kamil

47. Nur Suhaila binti Mohd Pilus

48. Maizura Artiza binti Rahmat

49. Siti Afiqah binti Alias



1. Herda Farhana binti Sukhirman (Negeri's Best Student)(School's Best Student)

(Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarship to abroad studies in United Kingdom)

2. Nur Atiqah binti Sahari @ Ramli (Negeri's Best Student)(School's Best Student)

(Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarship to abroad studies in United Kingdom)

3. Siti Sarah binti Mustaza


4. Fatimah binti Jadid

5. Muhammad Iqbal bin Iskan

6. Nor Atiqah binti Azimi

7. Nur Sakinah binti Mohd Shapeni

8. Atikah binti Mohd Shukor


9. Syazwani binti Mohd Ruse


10. Muhammad Safwan bin Mohd Yusof

11. Anwar bin Noor Azam

12. Muhammad Khairul Afizal bin Rohim


13. Azrul Fahmi bin Jaharudin

14. Nurul Diyana binti Abdul Samad

15. Nadhirah binti Ahmad Bistaman

16. Muhammad Hanif bin Ibrahim


17. Mohd Hafis bin Zakaria

18. Nurliyana binti Azis

19. Ros Balqis binti Mohd Daud

20. Farah Fatihah binti Mohd Azahari

21. Nurul Husna binti Abdul Hamid

22. Nurul Zahidah binti Mohd Sabri


23. Fatin Afifah binti Mohd Nurulhuda

24. Nur Asma binti Mohamad Munshi

25. Nur Faizah binti Mohamad Fudzaili

26. Noor Maziyah binti Zainal Abidin

27. Nurul Nadhirah binti Khalil

28. Fatini binti Mohd Zubir

29. Mohd Irfan bin Mohd Shah


30. Aina Nadia binti Abdul Aziz

31. Hani binti Sapili

32. Izyan Hazwani binti Shamsudin

33. Nurul Huda binti Mohamad Basha Abidin

34. Afifah binti Azam

35. Aida Norsyuhada binti Zuraidi

36. Hazimah binti Mardzaki

37. Muhammad Fakhrulrazi bin Dato' Kamarudin

38. Putri Balkis binti Mohamad Nor

39. Siti Nadzirah binti Nazri Rosham

40. Azizi bin Hazim

41. Faezah Norsofea binti Muhammad Ruslan

42. Nur Syazwani binti Mohd Yusoff

43. Amir Zakuwan bin Mohamad Foad

44. Amirah binti Mohamad Murtadza

45. As'ad bin Mohamad Sarif

46. Muhammad Azri bin Zulkifli

47. Noor Adilah binti Azlan

48. Siti Nazira binti Abdul Razak

49. Mohd Fariz Izwan bin Komarudin

Higher Educational Certificate Malaysia

Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia / (Higher Educational Certificate Malaysia)



1. Muhd Zaid bin Mustafar (Negeri's Best Student)(School's Best Student)


2. Kamarul Norfirdaus bin Dollah

3. Mazmil bin Ahmad

4. Muhammad Redha bin Abu Samah

5. Lokman bin Abdul Rasol

6. Noor Aziera binti Mohd Rohana

7. Siti Aisyah binti Hassan Azhari

8. Nurilliah binti Nornid

9. Nor Hanani binti Hj Ismail

10. Fallina binti Shuhaimi

11. Ibrahim bin Abdul Aziz

12. Ainil Hawa binti Ahmad

13. Dalilah binti Mat Nazir

14. Zaida binti Abdul Rahim

15. Mariam Farhana binti Md Nasir

16. Syaza Afiqah binti Mohd Norsalim

17. Norazah binti Abdul Razak

18. Siti Norbaidura binti Anuar

19. Ros Amira binti Mohd Ruslan

20. Ruzainim binti Mohd Zelani

21. Nor Azwa binti Abdul Hamid

22. Muhd Shafawi bin Talib

23. Siti Saidah binti Mohammad Rostam

24. Nurul Atiqah binti Jamalludin



1. Khairul Azhar bin Meerangani (Malaysia's Best Student)(School's Best Student)


2. Muhammad Zulramzie bin Ramli

3. Muhammad Asyraf bin Ahmad Termimi

4. Mohammad Nasrullah bin Mohammad Nasir

5. Nor Ain binti Mohd Diah

6. Fatin Farhanah binti Abdul Manap

7. Muhammad Hazim Shah bin Zul Aman Shah



* Kejohanan 5th Japan W.A.T.A Open InternationalTaekwando Championship Ohama ,Sakai City Japan 2007- Pattern Event (Perak)- Sparring Event (Emas)- Pemain Terbaik Kategori Junior High School

* Anugerah Kecemerlangan SMKA 2008 - Johan Keseluruhan (2 tahun berturut - turut) - SMKA Terbaik Malaysia 2008
* Anugerah Sekolah Cemerlang Peringkat Kebangsaan 2007- Tempat Pertama Kategori SMKA/SABK (Pengurusan)- Tempat Kedua Kategori Sekolah Menengah HarianSemenanjung/SMKA (Pengurusan)
* Anugerah Kecemerlangan SMKA 2007- Johan Kecemerlangan Akademik- Johan Kecemerlangan Sahsiah- Johan Kecemerlangan Iklim Sekolah- Johan Kecemerlangan Kebajikan- Johan Kecemerlangan Pengiktirafan- Johan Kecemerlengan Pentadbiran & Pengurusan- Naib Johan Kecemerlangan Kokurikulum- Naib Johan Kecemerlangan Pengurusan Asrama- Naib Johan Kecemerlangan Perhubungan & Dokumentasi- Ketiga Kecemerlangan Bimbingan & Kaunseling- Anugerah Pencapaian Terbaik Keseluruhan MajlisAnugerah SMKA (SMKA TERBAIK MALAYSIA) –anjuran JAPIM 2007
* Anugerah Pusat Sumber Terbilang Sekolah MenengahBandar 2006 (anjuran JPNS)
* Anugerah Pengurusan Kewangan Terbilang SekolahMenengah 2006 (anjuran JPNS)
* Anugerah Cemerlang Bidang Pengurusan AkademikCemerlang (anjuran JAPIM) : Tempat Pertama 2006
* Anugerah Cemerlang Bidang Pengurusan KebajikanCemerlang (anjuran JAPIM) : Tempat Kedua 2006
* Naib Johan Bahas Ala Parlimen Kategori Zon B 2006
* Anugerah Program Inisiatif Meningkatkan 3KSekolah Peringkat Kebangsaan : JohanKategori Kesihatan dan Kebersihan 2004
* Anugerah Pencapaian Terbaik Keseluruhan MajlisAnugerah SMKA (SMKA TERBAIK MALAYSIA) –anjuran JAPIM 2004
* Anugerah Cemerlang Bidang Iklim Sekolah (anjuranJAPIM) : Tempat Pertama 2004
* Anugerah Cemerlang Bidang Pengurusan Asrama(anjuran JAPIM) : Tempat Pertama 2004
* Anugerah Cemerlang Bidang Sahsiah(anjuran JAPIM): Tempat Pertama 2004
* Anugerah Cemerlang Bidang Pengurusan danPentadbiran (anjuran JAPIM) : Tempat Pertama 2004
* Anugerah Kokurikulum Cemerlang : Tempat Kedua(anjuran JAPIM) 2003
* Anugerah pencapaian STPM Cemerlang(anjuran JAPIM) 2003
* Tempat ke-10 Pencapaian Cemerlang SPM, KategoriSekolah Menengah Harian/SMKA 2002
* Tempat Pertama Anugerah Kualiti Menteri PendidikanKategori Sekolah Menengah Berasrama Penuh/SMKA/ Kawalan JPN 2002
* Anugerah SMKA Terbilang (Cemerlang Akademik,kokurikulum dan sahsiah pelajar) 2002
* Anugerah Pelajar Bestari Public Bank 2000

* First Runner up National Robotic Competition 2008
* Anugerah Akademik Terbilang PMR Kategori SekolahElit 2006 - Tempat Kedua
* Anugerah Akademik Terbilang SPM Kategori SekolahElit 2006 - Tempat Kedua
* Anugerah Akademik Terbilang PMR Kategori SekolahBerasrama 2006
* STPM - Mata Pelajaran Syariah - Johan
* SPM - Mata Pelajaran Perdagangan - Johan
* Microgravity Science Education Programme C-Elegance2007(anjuran Agensi Angkasa Negara) - Johan
* Johan Tilawah Al-Quran Peringkat Negeri 2006(Majlis Anugerah Seri Asrama Terbilang)
* Johan Nasyid Peringkat Negeri Sembilan 2006(Majlis Anugerah Seri Asrama Terbilang)
* Anugerah Pencapaian STPM 100%
* Tempat Pertama SPM 2005 Kategori SekolahElit 2005 (anjuran PKPSM)
* Tempat Kedua PMR Kategori SekolahElit 2005 (anjuran PKPSM)
* Tempat Pertama Anugerah Akademik TerbilangSPM 2005 (anjuran JPNS)
* Tempat Pertama Anugerah Akademik TerbilangPMR 2005 (anjuran JPNS)
* Naib Johan Pertandingan Pusat Sumber PeringkatNegeri 2005 (anjuran TEKNOPEN)

(note that this is only rough lists of awards received more awards & certification in "The Awards Gallery of SHAMS")

"source - Galeri Anugerah SHAMS"

Parents - Teachers Associations

Ex-Officio member


'Pengetua Cemerlang' of SMKA SHAMS
* Mdm Hjh Wan Ruhayah Wan Yaacob

* Dr Hj Mahadi Bin Abdul Wahab

Vice Chairman
* Mr Hj Jamil Bin Ibrahim

Honorary Secretary
* Mr Mohd Yaakub Bin Khalid

Vice Honorary Secretary
* Mr Hj Noor Hisham Bin MUustapa

Honorary Treasurer
* Mdm Noor Bee Binti Alias

Non-Teachers Representatives
* Dato’ Dr Muhamad Nasir Bin Hamzah
* Mr Hj Abdullah Bin Othman
* Mdm Sharipah Binti Yunus
* Mr Mohd Azahari Bin Jasad

Teachers Representatives
* Mdm Hjh Asmah Binti Nordin
* Mdm Hjh Saodah Binti Sharif
* Mr Abdul Razak Bin Ibrahim
* Mr Hj Mohd Zaini Bin Sejo

Courses Offered

Lower Secondary(Form 1 - 3)
* English Language
* Arabic Language
* Malay Language
* History
* Geography
* Mathematics
* Science
* Living Skills
* Islamic Studies
* Art Studies

Upper Secondary(Form 4 - 5)

Islamic Studies and Science Stream Course
* English Language
* Upper Arabic Language
* Malay Language
* Islamic Shariah Studies
* Koran & Sunna Studies
* Physics
* History
* Chemistry
* Biology
* Mathematics
* Additional Mathematics
* English for Science & Technology

Islamic Studies and Art Stream Course
* English Language
* Upper Arabic Language
* Malay Language
* Islamic Shariah Studies
* Koran & Sunna Studies
* Mathematics
* Additional Mathematics
* Principle of Accounting
* Trading Studies
* Core Science
* History

NOTE :Students of science stream have to take minimum 12 subjectswhile the students of Art Stream have to take a total of 11 subjects.Any addition of subjects subjected to the assent of the Principal.

Official School's Anthem

SMKA SHAMS tercinta

Mendukung cita-cita

Dunia dan akhirat tuntutan hidup

Namamu unggul di persada negara

Bawah naungan ibu pertiwi

Guru kami hormati

Ikhlas mendidik tanpa rasa jemu

Kami bersyukur kepada Ilahi

Wahai guru ayah dan ibu

Doakan kami agar menjadi

Anak yang baik mendengar kata

Cemerlang di dunia sejahtera di akhirat

SMKA SHAMS tercinta

Mendukung cita-cita

Dunia dan akhirat tuntutan hidup

Namamu unggul di persada negara"

Song by :Azlan Harun (lecturer of the Raja Melewar Institute of Teaching)

Lyrics by :Madam Hajah Khuzaimah Sulaiman ,p.m.c(former Pengetua Cemerlang JUSA C of SHAMS)

HAMS in media

* SHAMS Passed with 100% in STPM 2007 [:]
* SHAMS as the second phase of cluster school [:]
* Khairul Returns With Medals From Osaka [:]
* SPM 2002 - SHAMS & SM KGV As the Best Daily School in Seremban [:]
* Ministry of Education announces the JUSA C and special grades receiver [:]
* MOE-INTEL 1:1 Leaning School Adoption Project [:]
* 2 Best Friends Got 13A1 in SPM 2007 [:] [:] [:] [:]
* SHAMS Conducting English Extra-diction Workshops [:]
* SHAMS as one of the religious school with 100% passing in SPM [:]
* SHAMS Got the Best Student in STPM 2007 [:]
* SHAMS Possesses the Only Malay Candidate in Seremban Obtaining 5As in STPM 2006 [:]
* SHAMS's Ranking in SPM Among The Schools in Malaysia - 35th [:]
* SHAMS Has The Best Student Of NS For PMR 2007 [:]

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