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Gaylaxicon is an annual science fiction, fantasy and horror convention that focuses on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender topics. It takes place in various locations in the United States, usually on the east coast.


Started in 1988 in Provincetown, Massachusetts, Gaylaxicon is organized by member organizations of the Gaylactic Network. [ [ Gaylactic Network Yahoo groups page] ]

The Gaylaxian Science Fiction Society (GSFS) is the New England-based chapter of the Network, which organized the original convention and continues to be a driving force behind many of the Gaylaxicons. [ [ Gaylaxian Science Fiction Society officila web site] ] GSFS is a member of the New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA). [ [ New England Science Fiction Association official web site] ]

Spectrum awards

The Gaylactic Spectrum Awards are often awarded at Gaylaxicon, after a nomination and jury process managed by the Gaylactic Spectrum Awards Council, an independent organization.


    For a history of the first Gaylaxicons from 1988 through 1999, see [ [ Gaylaxicon Fan web site] ] .
    * 1988–Provincetown, Massachusetts
    Guest of Honor: J.F. Rivkin (author)
    Attendees: ~90
    * 1990–Tewksbury, Massachusetts
    Guests of Honor: Melissa Scott (author)
    Hannah M.G. Shapero (artist)
    Attendees: ~130
    * 1991–Tewksbury, Massachusetts
    Guests of Honor: Samuel R. Delany (author)
    Hannah M.G. Shapero (artist)
    Attendees: ~245
    * 1992–Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Guests of Honor: Tanya Huff (author)
    Tristan Alexander (artist)
    Attendees: ~360
    * 1994–Rockville, Maryland
    Guests of Honor: Jewelle Gomez (author)
    Tom Howell (artist)
    Forrest J Ackerman (special guest)
    Attendees: ~350
    * 1995–Niagara Falls, New York
    Guests of Honor: Don Sakers (author) [ [ Gaylaxicon 1995 Badges] ]
    Heather Bruton (artist)
    Attendees: ~180
    * 1996–Burlington, Massachusetts
    Guests of Honor: Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman (author)
    Colleen Doran (artist)
    Attendees: ~342
    * 1997–Burlington, Massachusetts
    Guests of Honor: None
    Attendees: ~90
    * 1998–Troy, Michigan
    Guests of Honor: Anne Harris (author)
    Kurt Erichson (cartoonist)
    Frank Gembeck, Jr. (artist)
    Attendees: ~60
    * 1999–Arlington, Virginia (the Tenth Gaylaxicon) [ [ Gaylaxicon 1999] ]
    Guests of Honor: Diane Duane (author)
    Nancy Janda (artist)
    Jean-Pierre Dorleac (special guest)
    Attendees: ~303
    * 2000–Arlington, Virginia [ [ Gaylaxicon 2000 on the 1999 web site] ] [ [ Lambda SF Official web site] ]
    Guests of Honor: Fiona Patton (author)
    Nan Fredman (artist)
    Attendees: ~265

    * There were no Gaylaxicons from 2001 through 2003. Fact|date=July 2007

    * 2004–San Diego, California
    Guests of Honor: David Gerrold (author)
    Joe Phillips (artist)
    Virginia Hey (actor, "Farscape")
    Attendees: ~285
    * 2005–Boston, Massachusetts [ [ Gaylaxicon 2005] ]
    Guests of Honor: Lois McMaster Bujold (author)
    Phil Jimenez (artist)
    Hidden Frontier
    Attendees: ~250
    * 2006–Toronto, Ontario (Canada) [ [ Gaylaxicon 2006] ] [ [ Gaylaxicon 2006 Sampler web page] ] [ [ Gaylaxicons Yahoo Groups page] ]
    Guests of Honor: Ellen Muth (actor)
    Nalo Hopkinson (author)
    Richard Arnold (media)
    Michael Rowe (author/editor)
    Attendees: ?
    * 2007–Atlanta, Georgia [ [ Gaylaxicon 2007] ] [ [ Gaylaxicons Yahoo Groups page] ]
    Guest of Honor: Jim Grimsley (author)
    Guest of Honor: [ Georges Jeanty] (artist)
    Toastmistress: [ Selina Rosen] (author)
    David Gerrold (author/screenwriter)
    Joe Haldeman (author)
    Steve Berman (author)
    [ Laura J. Underwood] (author)
    Paul Stevens (editor, [ Tor] )
    Toni Weisskopf (editor, [ Baen Books] )
    Melissa Carter (radio personality, [ All the Hits Q100] )
    Rob Caves ()
    James Cawley ()
    [ Shaun Lyon] (Outpost Gallifrey)
    David B. Coe (author)

Upcoming Gaylaxicons

  • 2008–Bethesda, MD [ [ Gaylaxicon 2008] ] [ [ Gaylaxicons Yahoo Groups page] ]
    Guests of Honor: Geoff Ryman (author)
    Alicia Austin (artist)
  • 2009–Minneapolis, MN [ [ Gaylaxicon 2009] ] [ [ Gaylaxicon 2009 Yahoo Groups page] ]
    Guests of Honors: Margaret Weis, Andy Mangels, Lawrence Schimel, [ Terrance "Spider Baby" Griep]
    Hotel: Doubletree Hotel Minneapolis - Park Place
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    * [ The Gaylactic Network]
    * [ The 2004 Gaylaxicon site]
    * [ The 2005 Gaylaxicon site]
    * [ The 2006 Gaylaxicon site]
    * [ The 2007 Gaylaxicon site]
    * [ The 2008 Gaylaxicon site]
    * [ The 2009 Gaylaxicon site]

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