Power analytics

Power analytics

Power analytics is a electrical power engineering software technology that ensures the reliable and energy efficient operation of exceptionally complex electrical power infrastructure, typically found in “mission critical” facilities. Such facilities characteristically include data centers, network operations centers, air traffic control facilities, power generation and transmission facilities, and other types of vital interests that require critical infrastructure protection.

Power analytics can be most easily thought of as the electrical power counterpart to business analytics, the sophisticated mathematical models used to assess consumer financial behavior. Business analytics models accurately assess consumer behavior, determine credit risks/worthiness, and assign some sort of calculated “score” e.g. a FICO score, to that individual. This score is continually updated to reflect changes in his or her income, credit balances and spending habits.

Similarly, in the case of power analytics, robust mathematical models – codifying the electrical equipment and assets found in an electrical CAD model – assess the flow of electrical power throughout a live facility. The operating parameters of each asset, and their interoperability with other assets, are continually compared to specifications contained in the static CAD model. As a result, if the operating specifications of a “live” component begin to drift from their “as-designed,” specifications, the power analytics system will immediately:

* Isolate the location of the anomaly;
* Assess the potential threat it poses to surrounding infrastructure, or the system at-large;
* Advise the operators about how to alleviate the anomaly, preempting its ability to jeopardize overall system stability

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