List of Squadrons & Detachments of the Russian Air Force

List of Squadrons & Detachments of the Russian Air Force

This is a list of active squadrons and detachments of the Russian Air Force.

Index of abbreviations

*IIVE - Research Instructor Helicopter Squadron (Issledovatelskiy Instruktorskiy Vertoliotniy Eskadrilya)
*LO - Aviation Detachment (Lyotnyi Otriad)
*LO VTA - Aviation Detachment of Military Transport Aviation (Lyotnyi Otriad Voyenno-Transportnoy Aviatsii )
*ODRAO - Independent Long-range Reconnaissance Aviation Detachment (Otdelnyi Dalniy Razvedyvatelnyi Aviatsionnyi Otriad)
*OSAE - Independent Composite Aviation Squadron (Otdelnaya Smeshannaya Aviatsionnaya Eskadrilya)
*OTAE PSS - Independent Transport Aviation Squadron (Otdelnaya Transportnaya Aviatsionnaya Eskadrilya Poiskovo-Spasatelnoy Sluzhby)
*OVE - Independent Helicopter Squadron (Otdelnaya Vertoliotnaya Eskadrilya)
*OVE REB - Independent Helicopter Squadron of Electronic Warfare(Otdelnaya Vertoliotnaya Eskadrilya Radio-Elektronnoy Bor'by)
*OVTAE - Independent Military Transport Aviation Squadron (Otdelnaya Voyenno-Transportnaya Aviatsionnaya Eskadrilya)
*VTAD - Military Transport Aviation Division (Voyenno-Transportnaya Aviatsionnaya Diviziya)


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Wikimedia Foundation. 2010.

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