Highlander may refer to:

In regional cultures

* Highlander, person from the Gàidhealtachd culture of the Scottish Highlands
* The Gorale, lit. "Highlanders", an ethnic group in southern Poland
* Montañés, lit. "Highlanders", a term sometimes used for a person from Cantabria in northern Spain
* The Merina, an ethnic group from the central plateau of Madagascar
* Highlander, a term sometimes used by Ethiopian and Eritrean lowlanders for a person from the Ethiopian Highlands
* Highlanders ( _ru. горцы) are a coupola term for the peoples of the North Caucasus, who originally lived in mountains (Adyghe, Balkars, Circassians, Chechens, Ingush, Karachays, Ossetians, Daghestani peoples; sometimes include Highlander subgroups of Georgians, such as Sans and Khevsurs)

In schools

* Highlander Research and Education Center, a leadership training school and cultural center located in Tennessee, known for its support of the labor and civil rights movements

In publications

*"The Highlander", a book written by James MacPherson
*"The Highlander (newspaper)", a Gaelic language political newspaper based in Scotland
*"The Highlander", a newspaper based in Marble Falls, Texas
*"The Highlander", a newspaper based in Highlands, North Carolina
*"The Highlander", the student newspaper of the University of California, Riverside
*"The Highlander", the student newspaper of Seaholm High School in Birmingham, MI.

In the media

* "Highlander", a franchise of films, television series and other media, including:
** Films:
*** "Highlander", the first film
*** "", the second film
*** "", the third film, also known as "Highlander III: The Sorcerer"
*** "", the fourth film
*** "", the fifth film
** Television series:
*** "", a spin-off television series based on the film
*** "", a spin-off television series based on the previous series
*** "
** "", a spin-off animated film
** Games:
*** "Highlander", a one-on-one sword fighting ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 game
*** "", a video game for the Atari Jaguar CD
*** "", a collectable card game originally produced by Thunder Castle Games, reintroduced by Le Montagnard Inc.
*** "", a game to be released in 2008 based on the "Highlander" franchise

In the military

* Highlanders (Seaforth, Gordons and Camerons), a regiment of the British Army's Scottish Division
* The , a repertoire of regiments formed of or following Highlander Regiments tradition

In sports

* Radford Highlanders, the sports teams (most of which compete at the NCAA Division 1 level), fans, students and alumni of Radford University, in southwest Virginia, US
* Highland Football League one of three senior non-league football (soccer) leagues in Scotland
* The Highlanders, an Irish indoor soccer team and winners of the 2006 World Indoor Soccer Cup
* Highlanders (rugby), a rugby union team in New Zealand that participates in the Super 14 competition
* The Highlanders (professional wrestling), a tag team in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
* Highlanders FC, a Zimbabwean football (soccer) club
* LHPS Highlanders, the athletics teams fielded by Lake Highland Preparatory School
* North Halton Highlanders, a rugby team in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada.
* New Jersey Tech Highlanders, the teams (NCAA Division 1 level), students, alumnae/alumni and fans of the New Jersey Institute of Technology
* The New York Highlanders, a baseball team which would later become the New York Yankees
* University of California, Riverside Highlanders, who sports teams compete in NCAA Division 1 (Big West Conference)

In games

* Highlander, a deck construction format for the game ""
* Highlander, a type of Assault Mech in "BattleTech" and "MechWarrior"
* Highlander, from the Kingdom of Highland in "Suikoden II"

In vehicles

* Toyota Highlander, a sport utility vehicle
* H1ghlander, an autonomous vehicle created by Carnegie Mellon University's Red Team for the DARPA Grand Challenge

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