Spisula aequilateralis

Spisula aequilateralis

name = "Spisula aequilateralis"

regnum = Animalia
subregnum = Metazoa
branch = Bilateria
phylum = Mollusca
classis = Bivalvia
subclassis = Heterodonta
ordo = Mactroidea
familia = Mactridae
genus = "Spisula"
species = "S. aequilateralis"
binomial = "Spisula aequilateralis"
binomial_authority = (Deshayes, 1854)
synonyms = "Mactra aequilateralis" Deshayes, 1854

"Spisula aequilateralis", known as the triangle shell, is a surf clam, a moderately large marine bivalve mollusc in the family Mactridae.


"Spisula aequilateralis" is endemic to New Zealand, where it is found around all three main islands.


"Spisula aequilateralis" is common near low tide along sandy surf beaches.


The shell is heavy and solid, inflated and triangular. Four of these shells, placed together with their beaks pointing inwards, make a circle.

Coloration is creamy-white under a thin yellowish periostracum, and the beak is often purplish.

Height is up to 60 mm, length up to 77 mm, and thickness up to 38 mm.clear

Human use

This species was a traditional food for Māori.


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