List of Carthusian monasteries

List of Carthusian monasteries

This is a list of Carthusian monasteries or charterhouses, containing both extant and dissolved monasteries of the Carthusian Order for monks and nuns, arranged by location under their present countries.

Since the establishment of the Carthusians in 1084 there have been more than 300 monastic foundations Fact|date=June 2008, so this list is not yet complete, although most of the more important monasteries are included. Dates of foundation and suppression are given where known. Extant charterhouses are indicated by bold type.



* Cartuja de San José, Deán Funes (Cordoba) (extant since 1999)


* Aggsbach Charterhouse ("Kartause Aggsbach" or "Kartause Marienpforte") in Aggsbach, Lower Austria (1380-1782)
* Gaming Charterhouse ("Kartause Gaming" or "Kartause Maria Thron") in Gaming, Lower Austria (1330-1797)
* Mauerbach Charterhouse ("Kartause Mauerbach") in Mauerbach near Vienna, Lower Austria (1313-1782)


* Biaroza Charterhouse, Biaroza-Kazionnaja, formerly Biaroza-Kartuskaja (1648-1831)


* Antwerp:
** St. Sophia's Charterhouse, Antwerp ("Kartuize Sint-Sophia, Antwerpen") (1625-1783)
** St. Catherine's Charterhouse, Antwerp, also known as Kiel Charterhouse ("Kartuize t’Kiel" or "Kartuize Sint-Katharina-op-de-Berg-Sinai") (1324-1783; transferred to Lier 1543)
* Brussels Charterhouse ("Kartuize Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe van Gratie") (transferred from Scheut 1588; dissolved 1783)
* Chercq Charterhouse ("Kartuize Sint-Andreasberg" or "Chartreuse Mont-Saint-André"), Chercq near Tournai (c. 1376/77-1783)
* Enghien Charterhouse (dissolved)
* Ghent Charterhouse ("Kartuize Koningsdal" or" 's-Koningsdale"; "Chartreuse Val-Royal") at Rooigem (1328-1783; in Ghent from 1584)
* Herne Charterhouse ("Kartuize Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe-Kapelle") in Edingen, Herne (Flemish Brabant) (1314-1783)
* Kortrijk Charterhouse ("Kartuizerkloster Kortrijk") (dissolved)
* Lier Charterhouse ("Kartuize Sint-Katharina-op-de-Berg-Sinai") in Lier (Antwerp) (transferred from Kiel, Antwerp, in 1543; dissolved 1783)
* Leuven or Louvain Charterhouse ("Kartuize Maria-Magdalena-onder-het-Kruis op de Calvarieberg" or "Chartreuse Sainte-Marie-Madeleine-sous-la-Croix") (c. 1489/91-1783)
* Liège Charterhouse, also known as Mont Cornillon Charterhouse ("Kartuize Twaalf Apostelen op de Mont Cornillon" or "Chartreuse des douze apôtres du Mont-Cornillon") (1357-1796)
* Nieuwpoort Charterhouse, also known as Sheen Anglorum ("Kartuize Nieuwpoort") (1626-1783; in other towns in Belgium from 1559)
* Oosterholt Charterhouse ("Kartuizerkloster Oosterholt") (1485-1581)
* Scheut Charterhouse ("Kartuize Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe van Gratie") near Anderlecht (1455-1783; transferred to Brussels 1588)
* Sheen Anglorum Charterhouse, successively at Bruges, Louvain, Malines and Nieuwpoort: English Carthusians in exile (1559-1783)
* Sint-Martens-Lierde Charterhouse, Geraardsbergen ("Kartuize Sint-Martens-Bosch"), Geraardsbergen (1329-1783)
* Zelem Charterhouse ("Kartuize Sint-Jansberg" or "Sint-Jansdal"), at Zelem, Diest (1328-1796)
* Zepperen Charterhouse ("Kartuizerkloster Zepperen"), at Zepperen Castle, Sint-Truiden (1901-1905; exiled community from Glandier)


* Cartuxa Nossa Senhora Medianeira, Ivora (Rio Grande do Sul) (extant since 1984)

Czech Republic

* Dolany Charterhouse ("Our Lady of the Valley of Jehosaphat"), at Dolany near Olomouc (1389-1437; moved here from Litomyšl; moved to Olomouc)
* Královo Pole Charterhouse, also known as Königsfeld (Holy Trinity) in Brno (1370-1782)
* Litomyšl Charterhouse , near Litomyšl (Leutmeritz) (1378-1390; moved to Dolany)
* Olomouc or Olmütz Charterhouse at Olomouc (1437-nk)
* Poděbrady or Podiebrad Charterhouse, at Poděbrady near Prague (1360-1369)
* Mariengarten Charterhouse at Smichow, Prague (1342-1419)
* Štípa Charterhouse, near Fryšták, Zlín (Moravia) (1617-20; destroyed by Protestants during Thirty Years' War; refounded at Walditz)
* Tržek Charterhouse ("Mariae Dornbusch") (dissolved), at Tržek in Okres Svitavy (1378, dissolved)
* Valdice or Karthaus-Walditz Charterhouse ("Kartause Marienfeld", later "Mariae Himmelfahrt"), at Valdice near Jičín (Bohemia) (1627-1782)


* Asserbo Charterhouse, to the north of Roskilde (1162 or 1163-c. 1169; site abandoned)
* Elvedgaard Charterhouse, Søndersø, island of Fyn (1475; not proceeded with because of insufficient endowment; founded instead as a hospital of the Order of the Holy Ghost)
* Glenstrup Charterhouse, Glenstrup, Mariagerfjord (Benedictine monks to about 1428; then Carthusians to 1536)


* Abbeville Charterhouse ("Chartreuse St. Honoré d'Abbeville") in Abbeville (Somme) (1300-1791)
* Aillon Charterhouse ("Chartreuse Notre Dame d'Aillon") in Aillon-le-Jeune (Savoie) (1178-1793) [ [ Aillons-Margériaz website: Aillon Charterhouse] )]
* Aix Charterhouse ("Chartreuse Sainte-Marthe d'Aix") in Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône) (1623-1791)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame de Maillard in Amillis (1504-1509)
* Chartreuse de Pomier near Annecy (dissolved) [ [ Chartreuse de Pomier website] ]
* Bosserville Charterhouse ("Chartreuse de Imm. Conc. Bosserville") in Art-sur-Meurthe (1666-1792; priests' seminary 1835-1901)
* Chartreuse Val St. Hugon in Arvillard (1178-1793; today a Buddhist centre)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame de Bonne-Espérance in Aubevoye near Bourbon-lèz-Gaillon (Eure) (1563-1791) [ [ Bourbon-lèz-Gaillon Charterhouse] ]
* Chartreuse de Vallon in Bellevaux (1138-1628; moved to Ripaille)
* Chartreuse Valprofonde in Béon (Yonne) (1301-1791)
* Chartreuse du Glandier in Beyssac (1219-1791, 1869-1901)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame de Fontenay in Beaune (1328-1637)
* Chartreuse de Portes in Bénonces (Ain) (extant; 1115-1790, 1856-1905, 1971-today)
* Chartreuse Notre Dame de Bonlieu in Bonlieu, Jura (1171-1792)
* Notre Dame de Miséricorde in Bordeaux (1605-1790)
* Chartreuse du Val-Sainte-Marie in Bouvantes (1144-1791, thereafter in Romans)
* Chartreuse du Val Saint-Pierre in Braye-en-Thiérache (1140-1791)
* Chartreuse de St. Michel du Champ in Brech (1364-1791)
* Chartreuse Le Puy in Brives Charensac (1628-1791)
* Chartreuse Port Ste Marie in Chapdes (1219-1792)
* Chartreuse Notre Dame du Temple de Cahors in Cahors (1329-1791)
* Chartreuse Carcassonne in Carcassonne (1319-1423)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame de Bonpas or Bompas in Caumont sur Durance (previously a hospital, 1318-1792)
* Chartreuse Mougères in Caux (1825-1901, 1936-1977; thereafter Dominicans)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame St. Jean Baptiste in Chalais Voreppe (Benedictines 1170-1303, Carthusians 1303-1582, Dominicans 1640-1793 and 1844-1901, Dominican Sisters from 1961)
* Chartreuse de la Verne in Collobrières (1170-1791; from 1983 Congregation of Bethlehem)
* Chartreuse de la Sainte-Trinité de Champmol in Dijon (1383-1791)
* Chartreuse Notre Dame de Bellary in Chateauneuf near Donzy (1209-1791)
* Chartreuse St. Joseph et Morand in Douai (1662-1791)
* Chartreuse Val-Dieu in Feings (1170-1791)
* Chartreuse La Boutillerie in Fleurbaix (1618-1792)
* Chartreuse Val St. Esprit in Gosnay (1320-1791) (double monastery with Mt. Ste Marie in Gosnay)
* Grande Chartreuse, Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse near Grenoble (Isère), mother house of the Carthusian Order (extant since 1084: 1084-1792, 1816-1903, 1940- ) [ [ Musée de la Grande Chartreuse website] ]
* Chartreuse des Ecouges near Grenoble (founded 1115, dissolved)
* Chartreuse La Loubatière in Lacombe (1320-1427)
* Chartreuse Ste Anne de Nancy in Laxou (1632-1666; thereafter moved to Bosserville (Art-sur-Meurthe)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame de Bonnefoy in Le Béage (1156-1791) [ [ Bonnefoy Charterhouse special interest website] ]
* Chartreuse Sylve-Bénite in Le Pin near Virieu (1116-1792)
* Chartreuse du Reposoir in Le Reposoir (Haute-Savoie) (1151-1793, 1846-1901; Carmelites since 1932)
* Chartreuse Montmerle in Lescheroux (Benedictines from 1070; Carthusians 1210-1792)
* Chartreuse de Lugny in Leuglay (1172-1791)
* Chartreuse Saint-Jean du Liget in Liget-Chemillé-sur-Indrois (1170-1791)
* Chartreuse Notre Dame d'Arvières in Lochieu (Ain) (1132-1791)
* Chartreuse Val Ste Aldegonde in Longuenesse (1298-1791)
* Chartreuse Notre Dame du Lys in Lyon (1584-1790, 1810-1901)
* Marienfloss Charterhouse near Sierck (1415-1431)
* Chartreuse Sainte-Marie-Madeleine in Marseille (1633-1791)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame de Molsheim in Molsheim (1592-1792)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame du Mont-Dieu, Le Mont-Dieu (Ardennes) (1134-1791; double monastery from 1616)
* Chartreuse de Vauclaire in Montignac (1328-1790, 1858-1901)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame des Prés near Montreuil-sur-Mer (now occupied by the "Famille monastique de Bethléem" (dissolved) [ [ Balades en Pays d'Opale website: Chartreuse Notre-Dame des Prés] fr icon]
* Chartreuse Notre Dame de Montrieux in Méoune lès Montrieux (Var) (extant) (1117-1790, 1861-1901, and 1929- ) [ [ Montrieux Charterhouse official website] ]
* Chartreuse Saint-Michel du Champ d'Auray, Brech (Morbihan) (1480-1791; built as a men's collegiate foundation soon after 1364; bought in 1810 by two priests for a school for deaf mutes)
* Chartreuse Mortemart in Mortemart (1335-1412; thereafter Augustinians)
* Chartreuse Saint-Joseph de Moulins in Moulins (Allier) (1623-1790)
* Chartreuse Saints-Donatien-et-Rogatien in Nantes (1446-1791)
* Chartreuse Bellary near Nevers (founded 1209, dissolved)
* Chartreuse du Mont-Saint-Louis near Noyon (dissolved)
* Chartreuse Oyron in Oiron (1396-1446)
* Chartreuse Notre Dame de Vaucluse in Onoz (1125-1791)
* Chartreuse St. Lazare in Orléans (1622-1790)
* Chartreuse Vauvert in Paris (founded 1257 in Gentilly; moved 1258 to the site of the Château de Vauvert, adjacent to the site of the present Jardin du Luxembourg; dissolved 1792) [ [ history of the Chartreuse de Vauvert] ] fr icon]
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame Montrenaud in Passel (1308-1791)
* Chartreuse de Seillon in Péronnas (Carthusians to 1169; Franciscans 1178-1792)
* Chartreuse Notre Dame de la Rose in Petit Quevilly, Rouen (Seine-Maritime) (1384-1682; transferred to St. Julien)
* Chartreuse Saint Julien in Petit Quevilly, Rouen (Seine-Maritime) (1667-1791; leper hospital from before 1183; Benedictine monks from 1600; Carthusians from 1667))
* Chartreuse Notre Dame de Bourgfontaine in Pisseleux near Villers-Cotteret (1325-1792)
* Chartreuse Basseville in Pousseaux (1328-1791)
* Chartreuse Val St. Georges in Pouques Lormes (1234-1792)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame de Prébayon near Vaison (dissolved)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame des Pomiers in Pressilly (1170-1793)
* Chartreuse du Port-Sainte-Marie, Puy-de-Dôme (1219-1792)
* Chartreuse Saint-André de Ramières (dissolved)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame d’Apponay in Rémilly (Nièvre)(1185-1790)
* Chartreuse Notre Dame Bellevue in Saix near Castres (1359-1791)
* Rettel Charterhouse in Rettel near Sierck (1431-1792)
* Chartreuse Notre Dame l’Aveyron in Rodez (1511-1791)
* Chartreuse Ste Croix en Jarez in Sainte Croix en Jarez (1280-1792)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame de la Rose in Seine-Maritime (dissolved)
* Marienfloss Charterhouse, Marienfloss in Sierck (1415-1431)
* Chartreuse du Parc en Charnie or Chartreuse du Parc d'Orques in St. Denis d’Orques (Sarthe) in the County of Maine (1235-1791)
* Chartreuse Notre Dame des Ecouges in St. Gervais sur Isère (1116-1418)
* Chartreuse de Valbonne in St. Paulet-de-Caisson (1203-1792; Protestant 1836-1901)
* Chartreuse Notre Dame de Currières in St. Pierre de Chartres (Isère) (1296-1790)
* Chartreuse Mt. Ste Marie in Koenigshoffen near Strasbourg (1355-1591)
* Chartreuse de Sélignac or du Val-Saint-Martin de Sélignac in Simandre-sur-Suran (1202-1792 and 1929-2001; continues to operate as a lay house, Maison St Bruno, within the Order [ [ Maison St Bruno, Sélignac: website] ] )
* Chartreuse de Saint-Sulpice in Bugey near Thézilleu (1116-1130; Cisterzians from Pontigny 1133-1791)
* Chartreuse Ripaille Annonciade in Thonon-les-Bains )Haute-Savoie) (1604-1793)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame de Toulouse in Toulouse (1569-1791; today a parish church)
* Chartreuse Notre Dame de la Pré in Troyes (1325-1428 in Isles, 1428-1620 in Troyes, 1620-1792 in Largentière)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame Valencienne in Valencienne (1288 in Val St. Paul; moved to Valencienne 1293; moved to Macourt xxxx - 1794)
* Chartreuse de Meyriat in Vieu-d'Izenave (1116-1792)
* Chartreuse Saint-Sauveur in Villefranche-de-Rouergue (1450-1791)
* Chartreuse du Val-de-Bénédiction in Villeneuve-lez-Avignon (1356-1792)
* Chartreuse de Pierre Châtel in Virignin (Ain) (1383-1791)


* Ahrensbök Charterhouse ("Kartause Marientempel" or "Templum Beatae Mariae"), Ahrensbök near Lübeck in Holstein (1397-1564)
* Alhoven Charterhouse near Bedburg (1480-1803)
* Astheim Charterhouse ("Kartause Astheim" or "Kartause Mariä Brück") in Astheim near Volkach (Bavaria) (1408-1803)
* Buxheim Charterhouse in Buxheim (1402-1802; the only Imperial charterhouse ("Reichskartause"); previously a men's collegiate foundation, 1100-1402; from 1926, Salesians)
* Christgarten Charterhouse ("Kartause" or "Kloster Christgarten") near Nördlingen (1383-1649)
* Cologne Charterhouse ("Kartause St. Barbara") in Cologne (1334-1794; the church is now St. Barbara's Evangelical parish church)
* Eisenach Charterhouse, Eisenach (1378-16th century; now Kartausgarten)
* Engelgarten Charterhouse in Würzburg (1348/52-1803)
* Eppenberg Charterhouse, also known as Vogelsberg Charterhouse near Felsberg, Gensungen (Hesse) (1440-1527)
* Erfurt Charterhouse ("Kartäuserkloster Erfurt" or "Kartause St. Salvatorberg") in Erfurt (1374-1803)
* Flüren Charterhouse (dissolved)
* Frankfurt Charterhouse ("Kartäuserkloster" or "Kartause Frankfurt") in Frankfurt an der Oder (1396-1568)
* Grünau Charterhouse ("Kloster" or "Kartause Grünau"), Schollbrunn near Hasloch (Bavaria) (1328-1557, 1629-1803)
* Güterstein Charterhouse (dissolved)
* Hildesheim Charterhouse (1777 dissolved)
* Ilmbach Charterhouse ("Kloster Ilmbach" or "Kartause Mariengarten") in Ilmbach bei Prichsenstadt (1453-1803)
* Koblenz Charterhouse, now Fort Großfürst Konstantin in Koblenz (1331-1802)
* Mainz Charterhouse on the St.-Michaelsberg, Mainz (founded 1308 in the Tal Neuhaus, moved to Mainz 1324, dissolved 1781)
* Maria Hain Charterhouse, Unterrath near Düsseldorf (founded 1869; moved to Bad Wurzach in 1964 as Marienau Charterhouse)
* Marienau Charterhouse near Bad Wurzach (extant since 1964)
* Marienburg Charterhouse ("Kartause Marienburg) in Kirchspiel (Dülmen) (1477 - 1804)
* Marienehe Charterhouse ("Kartause Marienehe") in Rostock-Marienehe (1396-1552)
* Marienkron Charterhouse ("Kartause Marienkron") near Rügenwalde (founded 1394 in Körlin; from 1407 in Rügenwalde; dissolved 1534 in the Reformation)
* Neukirchen Charterhouse in Neukirchen (Pleiße) (1478-1526)
* Nuremberg Charterhouse ("Kartäuserkloster" or "Kartause Nürnberg") (1380-1525; today part of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum)
* Prüll Charterhouse ("Kartause Prüll") in Regensburg (1483-1803; the church is now used as the hospital church for the district clinic)
* St. Alban's Charterhouse in Trier (dissolved)
* St. Bruno's Charterhouse, Konz-Karthaus ("Kloster Karthaus" or "Kartause St. Bruno") in Konz-Karthaus (1680-1802; originally founded as St. Alban's Charterhouse in Trier, from 1330)
* Tückelhausen Charterhouse ("Kloster" or "Kartause Tückelhausen") near Ochsenfurt (1351-1803)
* Vogelsang Charterhouse ("Kartause Vogelsang") near Jülich (dissolved)
* Xanten Charterhouse ("Kartause" or "Karthaus Xanten") in Xanten (founded 1417 in Flüren bei Wesel; moved to Xanten 1628; dissolved 1803)


* Tárkány or Felsőtárkány Charterhouse , at Tárkány near Eger (1330-1543)
* Ercsi Charterhouse, at Ercsi, island of Csepel (1238-1253; formerly a Benedictine abbey, founded end of 12th century; buildings given to Cistercians 1253)
* Lővőld Charterhouse (St. Michael's Valley), at Varoslőd, near Lake Balaton (1347-1552)


* Kinalekin Charterhouse (House of God), near Abbey, in the parish of Duniry (Co. Galway) ( [1249 x 1256] - 1341; house surrendered to the bishop of Clonfert; and regranted in 1371 to the Friars Minor)


* Allerengelberg Charterhouse or Schnalstal Charterhouse ("Kartause Allerengelberg"), in the South Tyrol [now the Province of Bolzano-Bozen] (dissolved 1782)
* Asti Charterhouse , Asti (1387-1801)
* Avigliana Charterhouse ("Certosa Santa Trinità di Avigliana") (1598-1630; originally a house of the Humiliati; given to the Carthusians of Banda in 1595, whose community moved here in 1598; requisitioned and destroyed for military purposes in 1630, and the community transferred to Monte Benedetto; given Collegno Charterhouse as a replacement for Avigliana in 1642)
* Certosa di Banda (Val de Suse, Piedmont) (dissolved)
* Certosa di Padula in Basso Salernitano (founded 1306, dissolved)
* Certosa San Girolamo in Bologna (dissolved)
* Certosa San Giacomo on Capri (dissolved)
* Certosa di Carci (dissolved)
* Certosa San Cristoforo in Ferrara (founded 1452, dissolved)
* Certosa di Trisulti, Collepardo near Frosinone (1204-1946)
* Certosa di Farneta in Maggiano (extant since 1338)
* Certosa San Lorenzo di Galluzzo or Certosa Galluzzo, Val d'Ema near Florence (founded 1345, dissolved 1960s) [1960s onwards, Cistercian monks]
* Florence Charterhouse ("Certosa Firenze") (dissolved)
* Certosa Genua (founded 1297, dissolved)
* Certosa di Losa (Val de Suse, Piedmont (founded 1191, dissolved)
* Milan Charterhouse ("Certosa Milano") (1349-1779)
* Certosa Monbracco (dissolved)
* Certosa Montello (dissolved)
* Certosa di Montebenedetto Val de Suse, Piedmont (dissolved)
* Certosa di San Martino, in the Castel S. Elmo in Naples (founded 1325, dissolved)
* Certosa di Parma ("Certosa Maria della Schola Dei") [sometimes given as "Stola Dei"] [the eponym of Stendhal's novel "La Chartreuse de Parme"] (1285-1769)
* Certosa di Pavia (dissolved)
* Certosa di Pesio, Piedmont (founded 1173, dissolved)
* Certosa di Pisa, also known as the Certosa di Calci, Pisa (1367-1808, 1814-1969)
* Certosa Santa Croce in Urbe in Rome (1370-1561)
* Certosa Rovarolo (1297-1798)
* "Schnals or Schnalstal, see Allerengelberg"
* Certosa Serra San Bruno, formerly San Stefano del Bosco, (founded 1090 as a Cistercian abbey; extant from 1514 as a charterhouse; resettled in the 19th century)
* Certosa Savona (founded 1480)
* Certosa di Pontignano near Siena (1343-1785)
* Toirano Charterhouse ("Certosa San Pietro dei Monti di Toirano") near Albenga (Savone) (1315-1799; before 1315 a Benedictine monastery, San Pietro dei Monti, founded nk; 1351, united to the charterhouse of Casotte; became autonomous c.1320; transferred to buildings further down the same valley in 1495)
* Certosa di Val Casotto (1171 or 1183-1802)
* Certosa di Vedana (1456-1768)
* Venice Charterhouse ("Certosa Venezia") (founded 1199, dissolved)


* Amsterdam Charterhouse ("Kartuize Sint-Andries-ter-Zaliger-Haven") (c. 1392/93-1579)
* Delft Charterhouse ("Kartuize Sint-Bartolomaeusdal in Jerusalem") (1470-1572)
* Raamsdonk Charterhouse ("Het Hollandse Huis") near Geertruidenberg (1336-1573)
* Hertogenbosch Charterhouse ("Kartuize Sint-Sophie te Constaninopel") in Vught near Hertogenbosch (dissolved)
* Holland Charterhouse ("Kartuize Sint-Joseph van Holland"), at Tubbergen, Overijssel (1951-61)
* Kampen Charterhouse or Sonnenberg Charterhouse ("Kartuize Sint-Maarten op de Sonnenberg"), at Kampen in IJsselmuiden (1485-1580)
* Monnikhuisen Charterhouse, Arnhem (c. 1335/42-c. 1585)
* Noordgouwe Charterhouse or Mount Zion Charterhouse ("Kartuize Sionsberg") near Schouwen-Duiveland on the Zierikzee (1433/34-1578)
* Roermond Charterhouse ("Kartuize Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe van Bethlehem" or "Bethlehem Mariae") (1376-1783)
* Utrecht Charterhouse ("Kartuize Nieuwlicht" or "Nova Lux"; also "Kartuize Sint Salvator"), in Bloemendaal (1391-1583)


* Grabow Charterhouse, near Stettin (1342-16th century)
* Kartuzy Charterhouse [also known in German as Karthaus Charterhouse and Marienparadies Charterhouse] in Kartuzy [named after the Carthusians, like the former German name, Karthaus] (1380-1826)
* Liegnitz Charterhouse, Legnica (Liegnitz) in Lower Silesia (1423-1548)
* Schivelbein Charterhouse, Schivelbein in Pomerania [now Świdwin, Poland] (suppressed during the Reformation)


* Cartuxa Santa María de Scala Coeli (Escada do Céu) in Évora (extant since 1587)


* Oradea Charterhouse (St. Stephen's Charterhouse), at Oradea (also known as Grosswardein and Nagyvárad) (1494-1498; formerly a Premonstratensian canonry; royal foundation suppressed by the local bishop for the sake of its assets)


* Lechnica Charterhouse, also Kláštor Červený ("Red Charterhouse" [because of the colour of its roof tiles] ), at Lechnica (Carthusians 1320-1563; Camaldolese 1711-1782)
* Letanovce Charterhouse (also known as "Kláštorisko" or "Lapis Refugii") at Letanovce, otherwise Lethenkow (1299-1543) [ [ Lapis Refugii Charterhouse website] ]


* Pleterje Charterhouse ("Kartuzijanski samostan Pleterje") near Šentjernej (1403-1593; re-founded 1889; extant) [ [ Pleterje Charterhouse website] ]
* Geirach Charterhouse ("Kartuzijanski samostan Jurklošter") at Jurklošter (founded 1173 or 1174; dissolved)
* Seiz Charterhouse ("Kartuzijanski samostan Žiče") near Slovenske Konjice (founded 1155-1165; dissolved 1782)
* Freudental Charterhouse ("Kartuzijanski samostan Bistra") near Vrhnika (founded 1255; dissolved)

South Korea

* Kartusio Sudowon, Sangju (extant since 2004)


* Aniago Charterhouse, Aniago, Villanueva de Douro, Valladolid, Castile (1442-1808; 1815-1835)
* Cartuja de Ara Christi, Puzol, Sagonte near Valencia (1585-1808; 1815-1835)
* Cartuja de Ara Coeli, Lerida (1588-1596)
* Cartuja de Aula Dei, Saragossa (extant since 1564: 1564-1808, 1815-1835; 1901- [re-purchased in 1901 for the Carthusians of Valbonne and Vauclaire in exile from France, who arrived in that year in Cardeña and occupied Aula Dei in 1902; [ Aula Dei Charterhouse official website] ] )
* Cartuja de la Annonciade, near Valencia (1442-45; unsuccessful foundation from Porta Coeli)
* Cartuja de Miraflores Burgos (extant since 1441) [ [ Cartuja de Miraflores official website] ]
* Cartuja de Baja or Baxa near Saragossa (1651-1835)
* Cartoixa Santa-Maria de Montalegre, Tiana near Barcelona (extant; canonesses regular to 1362, charterhouse 1415-1808, 1814-1820, 1823-1835, (1867-) 1901-1939, 1944-)
* Cartuja de Porta Coeli near Valencia (extant since 1272)
* Valldemossa Charterhouse ("Cartuja Valldemossa") (Mallorca) (1339-1835)
* Cartuja Jerez de la Frontera ("Cartuja Santa María de la Defensión") (dissolved)
* Granada Charterhouse, Granada (1506 - early 19th century)
* El Paular Charterhouse ("Santa Maria de El Paular") in Rascafría near Madrid (1390-1835; part of the premises were occupied by Benedictine monks in 1954; the remainder is a hotel)
* Cartoixa Scala Dei or Escaladei in La Morera del Montsant (1285-1769)
* Cartuja Vall de Cristo (1385-1835)
* Cartoixa de Vallparadís in Terrassa near Barcelona (1345-1415)
* Cartuja de Las Fuentes in Monegros near Lanaja (founded 1507, dissolved)
* Santa María de las Cuevas Charterhouse, on the island of La Cartuja on the Guadalquivir near Seville (founded 1400, dissolved)
* Cartuja de Cazalla (de la Sierra), founded from Santa María de las Cuevas (1477–1834)


* Gripsholm or Mariefred Charterhouse, at Gripsholm, now in Mariefred, near Stockholm (1493-1526)


* Géronde Charterhouse, Sierre (from before 1233 to 1331, Augustinian Canons; 1331-c. 1355/60, Carthusians; 1425-1644, Carmelites; 1651-60, Jesuits ; 1803-05 and 1831-34, Trappists; Dominicans 1870-73)
* Ittingen Charterhouse in Warth (Thurgau) (from before 1152 to 1461, Augustinian Canons; 1461-1848, Carthusians)
* La Lance Charterhouse ("Chartreuse du Saint-Lieu de la Lance"), Concise (Vaud) [ [ La Lance Charterhouse official website] ] (1317/20-1538)
* Oujon Charterhouse near Arzier (Vaud) (1146/49-1537)
* La Part-Dieu Charterhouse in Vaudens, Gruyères (Fribourg) (1307-1848)
* St. Margarethental Charterhouse in Basle (1401-1529/36)
* Thorberg Charterhouse, now Schloss Thorberg, in Krauchthal (Bern) (1397-1528)
* La Valsainte Charterhouse near Cerniat (Fribourg) (Carthusians 1294/95-1778; Trappists 1791-98, 1802-12 and 1814-15; Redemptorists 1818-26; recovered by Carthusians 1863, still extant)
* Val de la Paix Charterhouse ("Villa pacis") in Chandrossel (1327-after 1333)

United Kingdom


* Axholme Charterhouse, near Epworth, Lincolnshire (1397-1538)
* Beauvale Charterhouse, Nottinghamshire (1343-1539)
* Coventry Charterhouse, West Midlands (1381-1539)
* Hinton Priory, Somerset [founded at Hatherop in Gloucestershire 1222, moved to Hinton 1227] (1222-1539)
* Kingston upon Hull Charterhouse, East Yorkshire (1377-1539)
* London Charterhouse (1370-1538)
* Mount Grace Priory, North Yorkshire (1398-1539)
* Richmond Priory otherwise known as Sheen Priory, Surrey (1414-1539)
* St. Hugh's Charterhouse, Parkminster, Cowfold, Horsham, West Sussex (founded 1873; extant) [ [ St. Hugh's Charterhouse official website] ]
* Witham Charterhouse, Somerset (1178/79-1539)


* Perth Charterhouse, Perth (1429-1569)


* Sky Farm (Charterhouse of Our Lady of Bethlehem), near Whittingham, Vermont (1950-60; community moved eventually to Transfiguration)
* Charterhouse of the Transfiguration, Arlington (Vermont) (extant since 1970-71)

Charterhouses for women


* Bruges:
* Genadedal Charterhouse ("Kartuize Genadedal") in Sint Kruis, later Bruges (1318-1783; in Bruges from 1584)
* St. Anne's Charterhouse ("Kartuize Sint-Anna ter Woestijne" or "Chartreuse Sainte-Anne-au-Désert"; "St. Anne's Charterhouse in the Desert")) in Sint-Andries, later Bruges (1348-1783; in Bruges from 1580)


* Chartreuse de Parménie in Beaucroissant (1257-1424, then transferred to Écouges)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame du Gard in Belloy sur Somme (1137-1792; Cistercians 1871-1906)
* Chartreuse Sainte Croix de Beauregard in Coublevie (Isère) (1827-1978; transferred to Reillanne)
* Chartreuse Prébayon in Gigondas (1150-1200, then moved to St. André)
* Chartreuse St. André de Ramières in Gigondas (1200-1734)
* Chartreuse du Mont-Sainte-Marie in Gosnay (1329-1792); double monastery with Val St. Esprit in Gosnay
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame de Salettes, La Balme-les-Grottes (1299-1792)
* Chartreuse Saints Coeurs Jesus Marie in La Bastide St. Pierre (1854-1903)
* Chartreuse Sainte Roseline Celle Roubaud in Les Arcs (previously Benedictine nuns; 1260-1499 Carthusian nuns; from 1504, Franciscans)
* Chartreuse de Poleteins in Mionnay (1238-1605, then moved to Lyon)
* Chartreuse du Précieux Sang de Nonenque, Marnhagues-et-Latour (Aveyron) (extant; Cistercians 1139-1791; Carthusian nuns 1927 onwards)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame de Bertaud or Notre-Dame d'Aurouse, Rabou (1188-1446, then moved to Durbon)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame de Reillanne, Reillanne (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) (extant from 1978) [ [ Diocese of Digne, Riez and Sisteron website: Reillanne Charterhouse] ]
* Chartreuse Eymeu Bonlieu in Romans d’Isere (1300-1310; thereafter Benedictines)
* Chartreuse Notre Dame de Durbon in Saint-Julien-en-Beauchêne (Hautes-Alpes) (monks 1116-1405; nuns 1446-1601; Carthusian monks 1601-1791)
* Chartreuse Notre-Dame de Mélan in Taninges (Haute-Savoie) (1283-1793; women's collegiate foundation 1803-1906)
* Chartreuse de Prémol in Vaulnaveys-le-Haut (1234-1792)


* Certosa della Trinita, Dego (extant since 1994)
* Certosa de Vedana, Sospirolo (extant since 1456)

South Korea

* Charterhouse of the Annunciation, near Sangju (planned, as at 2008)


* Cartuja Santa Maria de Benifaçà, Puebla de Benifassa near Vinaroz (extant since 1967)



*Aniel Jean-Pierre, 1983: "Les maisons de Chartreux des origines à la chartreuse de Pavie", Arts et métiers graphiques, Paris, 1983
*Nouvelle bibliographie cartusienne, Grande-Chartreuse, 2006.

ources and external links

* [ Carthusian Order official website, incl. list of active Carthusian houses]
* [ Analecta Cartusiana] fr icon
* [ Dutch and Belgian Carthusian history] nl icon
* [ Helvetia Sacra: Swiss monasteries, including charterhouses] de icon, fr icon, it icon

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