Annuario della Nobiltà Italiana

Annuario della Nobiltà Italiana

Annuario della Nobiltà ItalianaYearbook of Italian Nobility

The "Annuario della Nobiltà Italiana" (Yearbook of Italian Nobility) is the oldest genealogical publication on noble families in Italy, founded in Pisa in 1879 by Giovan Battista Crollalanza (Fermo, March 19, 1819 - Pisa, March 18, 1892) and published by 'Accademi Italiana d'Araldica (Italian Academy of Heraldry), still active with the second series began in 2000 to Milan by Andrea Borella (Sesto San Giovanni, May 1, 1974 -) for the SAGI, Publishing House

The "Annuario della Nobilà Italiana" is published irregularly every two or three years.First published in 1879 it is the oldest repertory about the noble Italian lists about 20,000 families, all published for free.Is structured in seven main parties.The first is devoted to royal families already sovereign in the Ancient Italians States; the second includes all families listed in the "Libro d'Oro della Nobilità Italiana",official register of the State, and in the Official Pubblications named "Elenchi Nobiliari", published by the Kingdom of Italy in 1921 and 1933.The parts III (pontifical peerage) to VII (households in possession of coat of arms granted by foreign sovereign or their delegates) contain some families not listed in official italian publications.The Part VI contains the list of noble, or patrician, families of the Republic of San Marino or foreign families, was granted of an aristocratic title by the Republic of San Marin. The most recent edition, XXX, was published in December 2006 and officially presented in December 2007 in Turin.


*"Annuario della Nobiltà Italiana", the first series, 1879 (edition I - XXVII)
*"Annuario della Nobiltà Italiana", the second series, 2000 (XXVIII edition -)

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