Strength Through Pain

Strength Through Pain

Infobox Album
Name = Strenght Trough Pain
Type = studio
Artist = Monster Squad

Released = start date |2004|9|1
Recorded = start date |2003|11|4
Genre = Street punk, Hardcore punk
Length = 27:04
Label = Charged
Producer =
Reviews =
Last album = "California Republic"
This album = "Strength Through Pain"
Next album = "All Out of Control"

Strength Through Pain is the first full length album by the American Street punk band Monster Squad, published by Charged Records in 2004.

Track listing

#"Till The End" - 1:42
#"D.F.A." - 2:13
#"Lies" - 1:49
#"Pressure" - 1:56
#"Switchblade Kids" - 2:04
#"No Destiny" - 2:46
#"Nihilistic" - 1:15
#"On The Edge" - 2:37
#"Through My Eyes" - 2:21
#"No Use" - 2:49
#"Death And Destruction" - 3:39
#"Strength Through Pain" - 4:39

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