Women Are from Venus, Men from Anus

Women Are from Venus, Men from Anus

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Type = Album
Artist = Paska
Released = April 27, 2005
Recorded = 2005
Genre = Rock
Length = 35:24
Label = Riemu
Producer = Not produced
Reviews =
* [http://www.noise.fi/ Noise.fi] (4/5) [http://www.noise.fi/levyarvostelut/index.php?id=3841 link] (in Finnish)
* [http://www.desibeli.net/ desibeli.net] (1/5) [http://desibeli.net/arvostelu/1713 link] (in Finnish)|Last album =
This album = "Women Are From Venus, Men From Anus"
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"Women Are from Venus, Men from Anus" is the debut album and come back album by Paska. It was released in 2005.

The album was planned to be released on April 13, 2005, but was delayed because of internet piratism. The band wanted to be sure that digital pirate copies of the album had spread widely before official release. Vocalist Ari Peltonen has stated that there might not be anyone who wants to listen to the record, but one may still want to own a copy.

Typical Paska material

Most of tracks on the album are typical Paska material written by the band. Those tracks are about thirty seconds or one minute long and they feature Paska's sole member shouting (or sometimes even singing) obscene lyrical material. Some of these tracks ("Foreplay", "Sex is Shit" and "Lick My Balls") have also another vocal track overdubbed that makes some background noise. Most of these tracks feature intentionally stupid sex-related lyrics. On the first track of the album, "Foreplay", vocalist Peltonen repeats a line "I don't wanna foreplay, I don't wanna foreplay, I don't wanna foreplay, I want to fuck, hey". Next typical Paska song, "Ballhead", has lyrics about vocalist's former boss from Finnish radio station. The seventh track, "Banana Butt Plug", sounds like a thrash metal with its chromatic "riffs" and aggressive singing. "Sex Is Shit" is the most typical Paska track with its simple lyric line "Fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking, yeah, yeah! Tuduttudu - sex is shit!". "Britney's Tits" can be seen as a some kind of political song criticizing shallowness of pop culture. The track begins with an announcement "Paska shamely presents: Britney's Tits". "Lick My Balls" is another typical track. Vocalists ask his listeners to lick his balls and then sings "yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy..." Similar is the following song, "I Fucked Myself and Fell in Love". Another pop star mocking song is "Mariah Carey's Ass" which ends with words "Oh shit! Just fuck it! -What?!?! -Mariah Carey's Ass". Next two tracks, "Oh Shit!" and "Pain in the Ass", offer no surprises. On a track "Pope=Wanker" the vocalist sings "Pope's not lesbo and no homo, but is he hetero? No, no, no, no! So what that leaves? Wanker, wanker..." The home country of the band is not catholic, but mocking pope seems to be reasonable idea anyway. The last typical Paska track on the album is "Stupid" in which the singer repeats a line "I'm so stupid and you're so wise".

Cover songs

In addition to Paska's own material, the album has five cover songs. "I Just Pogo" is an English cover version of Finnish rock song "Mä vain Pogoon" written by relatively popular punk rock artist Pelle Miljoona. The song is sung as a duet by Paska and Pelle Miljoona himself. Unlike other tracks of the album, this track is recorded in a radio station's studio. The next cover song is "Bohemian Rhapsody" which has been cut down to one minutes and 26 seconds. The track begins with lines "Mama, just killed the man". The beginning is sung with desperate tone like singer was crying for what he has done. The guitar solo part is skipped but the whole operatic part is sung with one voice by using typical harsh Paska tone. The rocky section is dealt very shortly but singer spends more time with the ending ("Nothing really matters to me"). Next cover, "Love Me Tender", is sung with not-so-tender voice while "Anarchy in the U.K." is non-lyrics version. Paska's version of Tubular Bells is almost sixteen minutes long being the longest track on the album (and only one which is longer than two minutes). Melodies of the original composition have become almost impossible to distinguish and it requires a lot of effort even from those who know well the original recording to follow the progress. Of course, Paska's version deals only with Tubular Bells side 1. In the end vocalist says the names of the instruments in similar manner as on the original Tubular Bells. The album ends with Paska's version of My Way.

Remaining tracks

In addition to material discussed above, the album has yet a couple of tracks. The third track, "Creation and Destruction of the Universe", is rather a narrative than song. It features many "sound effects" made by narrator and critizises George W. Bush's decision to attack to Iraq. The album has also a track named "Saddams Weapons of Massdestruction and Connections With Al Quida and Other Terrorist Groups – Dj Slow's Celsius 1/12 Remix" but this track has only an introduction and then some silence probably suggesting that things mentioned on the name of the track did not exist in the reality. Tracks "DeutscheFX" and "Sound of Silence" are some kind of minimalistic "ambient". And then finally, there are three very short tracks, "Fuck the Bush", "Shut the Fuck Up" and "Tit", that consists of the singer shouting just one sentence.

Track listing

#"Foreplay" – 0:33
#"I Just Pogo" – 1:37
#"Creation and Destruction of the Universe" – 1:12
#"Fuck the Bush" – 0:07
#"Ballhead" – 0:51
#"Bohemian Rhapsody" – 1:26
#"Banana Butt Plug" – 0:53
#"Shut the Fuck Up" – 0:08
#"Love Me Tender" – 0:59
#"Sex Is Shit" – 0:30
#"Anarchy in the UK" – 0:58
#"Britney's Tits" – 0:33
#"DeutscheFX" – 1:10
#"Lick My Balls" – 0:54
#"I Fucked Myself and Fell in Love" – 0:43
#"Mariah Carey's Ass" – 0:52
#"Oh Shit" – 0:30
#"Pain in the Ass" – 1:13
#"Saddams Weapons of Massdestruction and Connections With Al Quida and Other Terrorist Groups – Dj Slow's Celsius 1/12 Remix" – 0:18
#"Sound of Silence" – 0:49
#"Pope=Wanker" – 0:38
#"Stupid" – 0:28
#"Tit" – 0:07
#"Tubular Bells" – 15:53
#"My Way" – 2:00


* The booklet of the album says that in the song "Saddams Weapons of Massdestruction and Connections With Al Quida and Other Terrorist Groups – Dj Slow's Celsius 1/12 Remix" is several quests, for example Ismo Alanko, playing different instruments, but in the matter of fact, there's just Paska saying "Saddam's Weapons Of Massdestruction And Connections With Al Quida And Other Terrorists Groups, Celcius 1/12, make no mistakes, Dj Slow mix."
* The album title is a parody of the popular psychology book "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus".

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