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*Turnover is the term for revenue.

United States

*Turnover is the measure of how quickly inventory is sold. A high turnover means that goods are sold quickly, while a low turnover means that goods are sold more slowly.


*Turnover, in American football occurs when the offense loses possession of the football because of a fumble, interception, or turnover on downs
*Turnover (basketball), a turnover in basketball occurs when a player from one team gives possession to a member of another team by losing the ball without taking a shot
*Turnover, in Rugby League occurs when the attacking team is tackled for the 6th time or they lose possession of the ball
*Turnover, in Rugby Union occurs when the attacking team loses possession of the ball, usually at a Ruck


*Population turnover, measures gross moves in relation to the size of the population and is related to population mobility

Cellular biology

*Turnover, of certain biomolecules or cells is the rate at which they are lost and/or regenerated through cell division


*Turnover, refers to the mixing of upper layers of lake water with lower levels, which usually occurs in the fall; a lack of mixing is a result of temperature gradient that cause density differences


*"Turnover" (a.k.a. production ratio) refers to the ratio of throughput:content where "throughput" is expressed in terms of grams Carbon produced per meter square per day (or hour) and "content" is expressed as grams Carbon per meter squared. This ratio is often used to compare the production rates of different ecosystems.


*Turnover, refers to an early or late season workout which loosens the leg muscles and prepares the body for imminent workouts or races. Turnover workouts are not designed to build muscle like mid-season workouts; instead, they allow the legs to heal completely while maintaining flexibility and muscle mass.

Chemical kinetics

*Turnover number, is the number of moles of substrate that a mole of catalyst can convert before becoming inactivated. In enzyme kinetics, the same term is used to refer to the moles of substrate converted by a mole of enzyme "per second"


*Turnover is a song by Fugazi from their album Repeater.


*Turnover (food), a type of pastry.
*Turnover (employment), relative rate at which an employer gains and loses staff

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