Army of Me

Army of Me

Infobox Single
Name = Army of Me
Artist = Björk

Lower caption = UK CD1
from Album = Post
B-side = "Cover Me"
"You've Been Flirting Again"
"Sweet Intuition"
Released = April 21, 1995
Format = CD
Recorded =
Genre = Electronica
Length = 3:54
Label = One Little Indian
Writer =
Producer = Björk
Nellee Hooper
Graham Massey
Certification =
Last single = "Violently Happy"
This single = "Army of Me"
Next single = "Isobel"
(1995)Extra album cover 2
Upper caption = Alternate covers
Type = single

Lower caption = UK CD2
Extra album cover 2
Type = single

Lower caption = US CD Promo

"Army of Me" is a song by Björk, released in 1995 as the first, and leading, single from her second solo album "Post". It is a grinding, industrial tune, punctuated by numerous samples of explosions and lyrics which encourages the listener to stop complaining and get on with life – or else. The song also appeared, later in the same year, on the soundtrack of "Tank Girl". The dream-like music video – featuring a huge truck driven by Björk, a dentist gorilla, and a bomb in an art gallery awaking a dead boyfriend as an exhibit – was directed by Michel Gondry.

When Björk realised it was her most popular song to be covered by other musicians, it appeared on a 2-CD charity benefit compilation entitled "" in late 2004.

Track listing

(162TP7CD; Released: April, 1995)

# "Army Of Me" - 3:57
# "Cover Me" (Cave Version)1 - 3:07
# "You've Been Flirting Again" (Icelandic Mix)1 - 2:25
# "Sweet Intuition" - 4:43

(162TP7CDL; Released: 1995)

# "Army Of Me" (ABA All-Stars Mix) - 3:46
# "Army Of Me" (Masseymix) - 5:12
# "Army Of Me" (featuring Skunk Anansie) - 4:33
# "Army Of Me" (Instrumental ABA All-Stars Mix) - 3:46

UK CD Promo
(162TP7CD; Released: April, 1995)

# "Army Of Me" - 3:56

UK 12" Vinyl Promo
(162TP12BB; Released: 24 March, 1995)

"Side A"
# "Army Of Me" (ABA All-Stars Mix)"Side B"
# "Army Of Me" (Instrumental ABA All-Stars Mix)

UK 12" Vinyl Promo
(162TP12GM; Released: 1995)

"Side A"
# "Army Of Me" (Masseymix) - 5:15

UK 12" Vinyl Promo
(162TP12P; Released: April, 1995)

"Side A"
# "Army Of Me"Side B"
# "Army Of Me" (featuring Skunk Anansie)2"Side C"
# "Army Of Me" (ABA All-Stars Mix)"Side D"
# "Army Of Me" (Instrumental ABA All-Stars Mix)

UK 7" Vinyl Promo
(162TP7D; Released: 1995)

"Side A"
# "Army Of Me"Side B"
# "Army Of Me" (Instrumental ABA All-Stars Mix)

UK 12" Acetate
(162 TP 12 BB; Released: 1995)

"Side A"
# "Army Of Me" (Beastie Boys Vocal Mix)"Side B"
# "Army Of Me" (Beastie Boys Instrumental Mix)

(579 153-2; Released: April, 1995)

# "Army Of Me" - 3:58
# "Army Of Me" (ABA All-Stars Mix) - 3:46
# "Army Of Me" (Masseymix) - 5:12
# "Army Of Me" (featuring Skunk Anansie) - 4:33
# "Army Of Me" (Instrumental ABA All-Stars Mix) - 3:46

(579 152-2; Released: April, 1995)

# "Army Of Me" - 3:58
# "Cover Me" (Cave Version)1 - 3:08

US CD Promo
(PRCD 9152-2; Released: 1995)

# "Army Of Me" - 3:38

(POCP-7039; Released: 1995)

# "Army Of Me" - 3:58
# "Army Of Me" (ABA All-Stars Mix) - 3:46
# "Army Of Me" (Masseymix) - 5:12
# "Army Of Me" (featuring Skunk Anansie) - 4:33
# "Army Of Me" (Instrumental ABA All-Stars Mix) - 3:46


1 Not indicated on the release
2 Slightly different mix than that found on the commercial release



* ABA All-Stars mix
* Featuring Skunk Anansie
* Featuring Skunk Anansie with Skin
* Instrumental ABA All-Stars mix
* Masseymix
* Several other remixes (and covers) appear on "".

"Army of Me" released by other bands

* German metalcore band Caliban covered this song on their 2006 album The Undying Darkness. The female vocals on the chorus were recorded by Tanja Keilen (Sister Love).
* Silent, Belgian metal band covered this song on their 2005 self-titled demo.
* The Alternative metal/post-hardcore band Helmet recorded a cover of "Army of Me," which was released on a "Music for Our Mother Ocean" benefit compilation.
* The Australian metal band "Many Machines on Nine" covered "Army of Me" on their self-titled 2000 EP.
* The metal band Chimaira released a track entitled "Army of Me" in their 2003 album "The Impossibility of Reason", although this song is unrelated to the Björk song.
* A jazz cover by the Yaron Herman Trio on "A Time For Everything" NAIVE 2007
* Abandoned Pools, an alternative rock band have also covered the song, which is available on "The Reverb EP"
* Powerman 5000 released a cover of this song on their The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Vol. 1 compilation.
*Grisbi released a cover of this song on Army of Me Remixes and Covers.
* Sin, a french industrial band, covered the song, available on "Errare Digital Est", Recall 2003.

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* [ special page on "Army of Me"]
* [ List of "Army of Me" releases]

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