Characters in The Belgariad and The Malloreon

Characters in The Belgariad and The Malloreon

"The Belgariad" and the Malloreon are a two-part fantasy epic written by David Eddings. This is a list of the major characters that appear in both parts of the story. (For a list of the races in the series, see Races in The Belgariad and The Malloreon.) Note: All of the statements (deceased, married) are written from the current information by the end of the series.


Note: These characters are the main protagonists to the story. There are many other minor and supporting protagonists, including some royalty.

*Garion (also known later as Belgarion the Sorcerer), the main Protagonist of the story and later the King of Riva, Overlord of the West, Godslayer. Husband of Ce'Nedra, father of Geran and Beldaran. Garion is called the "Child of Light" in the Mrin Codex and the Darine Codex.

*Belgarath the Sorcerer, first disciple of the god Aldur and husband of Poledra. Ultimate great-Grandfather of Belgarion. Belgarath is called the "Eternal Man" or "Ancient One" and "Beloved" in the Mrin Codex. One of the prequels written for The Belgariad is "Belgarath the Sorcerer", which is a biography for Belgarath.

*Polgara, daughter of Belgarath and Poledra, twin sister of Beldaran, ultimate great-Aunt of Belgarion. One of the prequels written for The Belgariad is "Polgara the Sorceress", which is a biography for Polgara.

*Durnik, a Sendarian blacksmith at Faldor's Farm and later husband of Polgara. Durnik is called the "Man with Two Lives" in the Mrin Codex.

*Barak, Earl of Trellheim, cousin of King Anheg the Sly of Cherek. Barak is called the "Dreadful Bear" in the Mrin Codex.

*Silk (alias, real name is Prince Kheldar of Drasnia, also known as Ambar of Kotu and Radek of Boktor). Silk is called the "Guide" in the Mrin Codex. As is typical among Drasnian he's a skilled spy (rumored to be the best in the world) and merchant. He is sharp-witted and cynical. Despite his status as a 'notorious bachelor' throughout the Belgariad, he eventually capitulates and falls under Velvet's charms.

*Velvet, (Real name is Liselle). Velvet is called the "Huntress" in the Mrin Codex. Niece to Javelin, Head of the Drasnian Intelligence, she's a resourceful spy and greatly admires Silk with whom she's been in love with since she was a young girl.

*Ce'Nedra, Imperial Princess of Tolnedra, later the wife of Garion and Queen of Riva. Ce'Nedra is called the "Queen of the World and the Bride of Light" in the Mrin Codex. Later mother of Geran and Beldaran.

*Errand (also known later as the god Eriond), a boy sent by the Prophecy to be used by Zedar in the Belgariad to steal the Orb, due to his inherent innocence. Later becomes the adopted son of Durnik and Polgara and adopted cousin of Garion. Became the new Child of Light and then the new God of the Angaraks. Referred to as the 'Beloved Guest' by the Dals.

*Hettar, foster-son to King Cho-Hag of Algaria and later husband of Garion's cousin Adara. Hettar is called the "Horse Lord" in the Mrin Codex, coming from his ability to talk to horses.

*Lelldorin, Baron of Wildantor and later husband of Ariana. Lelldorin is called "the Archer" in the Mrin Codex.

*Mandorallen, Baron of Vo Mandor, husband of the Baroness Nerina, Knight Protector to Princess Ce'Nedra. Mandorallen is called the "Knight Protector" in the Mrin Codex.

*Relg, an Ulgo diviner and Zealot. Despite a troubled relationship from their first meeting, he later becomes the husband of Taiba. Relg is called the "Blind Man" in the Mrin Codex.

*Taiba, a Marag slave. Later becomes the wife of Relg. Taiba is called the "Mother of the Race that Died" in the Mrin Codex, this coming from the fact that, since the Tolnedran invasion of Maragor, she is the last Marag alive.

*Sadi, Chief Eunuch to Queen Salmissra. Sadi is called "The Man who is no Man" in the Mrin Codex.

*Poledra, wife to Belgarath, mother of twins Polgara and Beldaran, ultimate great-grandmother of Belgarion. Poledra is called "The Woman Who Watches" in the Mrin Codex.

*Zakath, Emperor of Mallorea, husband of Cyradis, the Seeress of Kell. Formerly "Kal Zakath", Kal being an Angarak term meaning "King and God", he discarded the affectation after meeting REAL gods and realizing the absurdity of the presumption. Zakath is called "The Empty One" in the Mrin Codex.


Note: This section includes the three disciples of Torak, along with other major antagonists in the story.

*Agachak, (deceased) Grolim High Priest of Cthol Murgos in the Mallorean. A co-conspirator in King Urgit's scheme to eliminate Kal Zakath by a Dagashi assassin. Agachak dies on the coast of Finda when he confronts Zandramas.
*Asharak, (Real name is Chamdar, deceased). A Murgo Grolim and disciple of Ctuchik. Killer of Garion's parents, and killed by Belgarion with the first use of his newly discovered powers of sorcery.
*Brill, (Real name is Kordoch, deceased). A Dagashi assassin charged with disrupting Garion's quest.
*Chabat, a Grolim priestess and magician. Faced Polgara and Aldur, but was defeated and sent to Hell in order to restrain her demon.
*Ctuchik, (deceased) disciple and high priest of Torak. Resides at Rak Cthol in Cthol Murgos.
*Dark Prophecy, (overcome) Main driving force against the protagonists, most of the Gods, and the Light Prophecy. Has possessed, in order; Torak (the uninvited guest, as the Dals call him, a mistake of a God created by the accident, the long-time Child of Dark), An ancient Karand (first discovery of the Sardion, eventually left in the hidden underwater cove), an early Melcene Emperor (the Sardion's transfer to Melcena), a scholar from the University of Melcene (to carry the Sardion to the Place Which Is No More), Zandramas (the new Child of Dark, upon Torak's demise), and finally Geran, Belgarion's son (to be the final Child of Dark).
*Harakan, (deceased, also known as Ulfgar and Mengha) Grolim priest and Urvon's underling. Summoned the demon lord Nahaz, headed the Bear-cult, and was killed by Velvet and Zith, a small, deadly snake.
*Nahaz, Demon Lord. Entranced Urvon into insanity. Made a bid for either the Orb or the Sardion, but was brought low by Durnik.
*Naradas, (deceased) right hand man of Zandramas. Grolim priest. His eyes are entirely white, but is not blind.
*Torak One-Eye, the Dragon God of Angarak. One of the seven deities who created the world. Torak prefers to be called Kal Torak ("Kal" meaning "King and God").
*Urvon, (deceased) disciple of Torak. Object of Beldin's endless loathing, and head of the Mallorean Church of Torak. Brought to insanity and Hell by Nahaz.
*Zandramas, the Child of Dark. Previously a Grolim priestess. Became Child of Dark after the death of Torak. Main antagonist of the Mallorean.
*Zedar (Formerly known as Belzedar) disciple of Torak, but formerly a disciple of Aldur. For the change in his allegiance, Zedar is also called the Apostate. Zedar is currently encased in rock below Cthol Mishrak, the City of Night by Belgarath


*Belgarion, King of Riva, Lord of the Western Sea, Godslayer, Overlord of the West, husband of Ce'Nedra, and father of Geran.
*Ce'Nedra, Queen of Riva and Imperial Princess of Tolnedra and wife of Belgarion.
*Anheg, King of Cherek, husband of Islena, and cousin of Barak.
*Islena, Queen of Cherek, and wife of Anheg.
*Cho-Hag, King of Algaria, husband of Silar, and foster-parent of Hettar.
*Silar, Queen of Algaria, wife of Cho-Hag, and foster-mother of Hettar.
*Drosta lek Thun, King of Gar og Nadrak.
*Fulrach, King of Sendaria, and husband of Layla.
*Layla, Queen of Sendaria, and wife of Fulrach.
*Gethell, King of Mishrak Ac Thull.
*Korodullin, King of Arendia, and husband of Mayaserana.(although the names Korodullin and Mayaserana are not their real names, these are used because they are the names of the first king and queen of Arendia)
*Mayaserana, Queen of Arendia, and wife of Korodullin.
*Rhodar, (deceased) King of Drasnia, husband of Porenn, and uncle of Silk.
*Porenn, Queen of Drasnia, wife of Rhodar, and aunt (by marriage) of Silk. She is actually about Silk's age, and, prior to his falling in love with Liselle (Velvet, see above), he is deeply in love with Porenn, despite the fact that she is married to his uncle. This fact causes Silk a great deal of pain.
*Kheva, son of Rhodar and Porenn, ascends the throne upon Rhodar's death early in the Malloreon, under the regency of his mother and with the blessing of Garion and the other Western Monarchs.
*Salmissra, Queen of Nyissa (this name is continued through every generation, to please their god Issa, who loved the original Salmissra)
*Ran Borune XXIII, Emperor of Tolnedra, and father of Ce'Nedra
*Varana, Duke of Anadile and a Tolnedran general. Varana eventually is adopted by Emperor Ran Borune and takes the throne upon the death of the Emperor, proclaiming himself Ran Borune XXIV.
*Taur Urgas, (deceased) King of Cthol Murgos. Died in a duel with King Cho-Hag of Algaria at the Battle of Thull Mardu.
*Urgit, King of Cthol Murgos after the death of his mad father Taur Urgas. It is later revealed that he is really Silk's half brother: their father had a secret affair with Lady Tamazin, one of Taur Urgas many wives.
*Gorim, High Priest in Ulgoland. His name belongs only to his office; he has no personal name.

Disciples of Aldur

*Beldin, the Dwarf. Ethnicity unknown because of his extreme deformities. Very intelligent and powerful. Hinted to be the most powerful amongst Aldur's disciples. Currently living as a hawk with Vella, who was also transformed.

*Belgarath, the "The Ancient and Beloved". First disciple of Aldur. Father of Polgara and Beldaran. One of the main characters throughout both series and preceding books. Easily irritable and mischievous, but still extremely clever and almost as powerful as Beldin

*Belkira, an Alorn shepherd. Twin of Beltira. A gentle disciple, who enjoys cooking. He and his brother likely discovered the trick of mind speech.

*Beltira, an Alorn shepherd. Twin of Belkira. Similar to Belkira in great amounts, to the point where Aldur's other disciples have difficulty telling them apart. Polgara claims to be able to tell them apart, however.

*Belzedar, the Apostate. Originally one of Aldur's disciples, but later turned sides and became a disciple of Torak. Is buried alive in the rocks under Cthol Mishrak by Belgarath.

*Belmakor, (deceased) the Melcene. An urbane philosopher and mathematician. Said to have been the most intelligent of Aldur's disciples. Fell into a despair which resulted in his explosive suicide.

*Belsambar, (deceased) the Angarak. Exceptional at creating illusion. During the war of the Gods, suggested the use of fire on the enemy Angaraks. The mayhem caused by this suggestion caused Belsambar's depression which resulted in his explosive suicide.

*Durnik "The Man with Two Lives". He is taken as a disciple in The Malloreon. Husband of Polgara, adopted father of Eriond, uncle of Garion.

*Polgara, "Beloved Daughter". Daughter of Belgarath and Poledra, twin sister of Beldaran, ultimate great-Aunt of Garion, wife of Durnik. Special status in ranks of disciples because of the two thousand years spent looking after the Rivan line, finally producing Belgarion.


*Aldur, Owl God Apart. (Took some disciples instead of a people)
*Belar, Bear God of Aloria.
*Chaldan, Bull God of Arendia.
*Issa, Snake God of Nyissa.
*Nedra, Lion God of Imperial Tolnedra.
*Mara, Bat God of Maragor.
*Torak, (deceased) Dragon God of Angarak.
*UL, God of Ulgoland. Father of the Gods and of the universe.
*Eriond, (Successor to Torak as God of Angarak.) Horse God of Angarak.

Other Minor and Supporting Characters

*Adara, Garion's Algarian cousin. Wife of Hettar.
*Ariana, wife of Lelldorin.
*Bethra (deceased), a Tolnedran courtesan and spy. For a time, Bethra was Hunter, the secret code name for the most secretive of the Drasnian spies.
*Brand (deceased), the Rivan Warder. A regent that serves in the absence of the Rivian King. His name is his badge of office, he can not reveal his true name.
*Brendig, a Captain (later Colonel) in the Sendarian Army that lost one arm in the Battle of Thull Mardu.
*Doroon (deceased), one of Garion's childhood friends at Faldor's farm. Died in the Battle of Thull Mardu.
*Faldor, owner of Faldor's Farm, the place where Garion grew up.
*Grinneg, Barak's cousin. Cherek ambassador at Tol Honeth.
*Grodeg, The High Priest of Belar.
*Earl of Jarviksholm (deceased), an exiled Cherek nobleman. Beheaded for breaking Cherek's oldest law, allowing an Angarak into the kingdom.
*Javelin, (Real name is Margrave Khendon) Chief of Drasnian intelligence.
*Jeebers, Ce'Nedra's childhood tutor.
*Kador, the head of the Vordue family and the Grand Duke of Tol Vordue.
*Martje, a blind Cherek seer who predicts Barak's "doom" and Belgarion's importance
*Merel, Barak's wife.
*Nachak, the Murgo ambassador to Arendia.
*Nerina, Baroness of Vo Mandor, and Mandorallen's beloved.
*Olban, (deceased) youngest son of Brand, who attempts to assassinate Garion.
*Oltorain, a Mimbrate Arendish nobleman, brother of Ariana.
*Count Reldegen, Lelldorin's uncle.
*Rundorig, one of Garion's childhood friends. Husband of Zubrette.
*Earl of Seline, a Sendarian nobleman and advisor to King Fulrach.
*Torasin (deceased), son of Count Reldegan and cousin to Lelldorin.
*Unrak, protector of Geran (son of Belgarion). Son of Barak.
*Baron of Vo Ebor (deceased), Mandorallen's mentor. Husband of Nerina.
*Vella, a Nadrak dancer. Owned by Yarblek for a time. At the end of the Malloreon she is transformed by Beldin into a banded hawk, and they fly off together.
*Vordai (deceased), the Witch of the Drasnian Fens.
*Xantha, Queen of the Dryads.
*Xera, Ce'Nedra's Dryad cousin.
*Yarblek, a Nadrak merchant and Silk's business partner.
*Zubrette, one of Garion's childhood friends. Wife of Rundorig.

Other Characters

These are characters in the Belgariad and the Malloreon that influence the story, but don't really fit into any of the other categories.


Cyradis is the Seer chosen to make the final Choice between Light (Us) and Dark (Them). She first appears to Errand at the Vale of Aldur; later to the rest at Rheon in "Guardians of the West" and is shown as a slight girl with dark blonde hair and a blindfold around her eyes. She is escorted by the mute Toth. During the final Choice she begins to panic, as she is unable to consult her people regarding the decision. Polgara removes her bindfold, making her able to see with human eyes. She then chooses Eriond (Light) over Geran (Dark). Removing her blindfold causes her to lose her second sight. She is married to Zakath at the end of the series.


Senji is a Melcene Alchemist and Sorcerer who Beldin, Belgarath and Garion meet in Melcene during "Sorceress of Darshiva" after they followed Zandramas' trail there. He is referred to as 'the Clubfoot' by Cyradis and is around 3900 years old. He then leads the sorcerers to a museum where the Sardion once rested and also gives Belgarath a copy of the Ashabine Oracles.

He discovered the Gift of 'The Will and the Word' by accident in the 15th century when he turned lead into gold by shouting at it; because the Melcenes did not believe him, as they are very sceptical, they attempted to prove it by a very unorthodox method of trying to pushing him out the window (trying to determine if (A) he "was" in fact unkillable, (B) what means he would take to save his life while plummeting toward the paved courtyard, and (C) if it might be possible to discover the secret of flight by giving him no other alternative. Quoted from page 139 of "Sorceress of Darshiva"). While they were carrying out this method, he translocated the assassin high above the Melcene harbour (thus ruining the fishing nets of a local fisherman). Outraged by this affair, he implemented a widespread plague of constipation, releasing his victims only after a personal appeal from the Melcene Emperor himself. After this they accepted his extraordinary gift and left him to himself. Even though he has this gift, his abilities are weak at best, and he chooses to turn to Alchemy.


Demon Lord Mordja - Totem Demon of the Morindim. Fought with Nahaz in the valley near Kell and fled from the power infused into Durnik by the God Aldur. Zandramas enticed the Demon Lord into the form of the last survivng dragon. Both he and his dragon host were slain in front of the grotto of the Place Which Is No More by Belgarion and the Sword of the Rivan King after Mordja struck down the mute guide, Toth, with Torak's sword of shadows, Cthek Goru.

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