List of scholarly journals in economics

List of scholarly journals in economics

The following is a list of scholarly journals in economics, and contains most of the prominent journals in the field, including those ranked highest in impact-adjusted citations.

Popular magazines or other publications related to economics, finance or business are not listed.

*Applied Econometrics and International Development
*American Economic Review
*American Journal of Agricultural Economics []
*Asian Economic Papers []
*Berkeley Electronic Press journals []
*Brookings Papers on Economic Activity
*Cambridge Journal of Economics []
*Canadian Journal of Economics
*Comparative Technology Transfer and Society
*Computational Economics
*D+C Development and Cooperation
*Eastern Economic Journal []
*Econ Journal Watch
*Econometrics Journal []
*Economic Journal []
*Econometric Theory
*Economic Modelling
*Economic Theory
*Economics Letters
*Economy and Society
*Education Finance and Policy []
*Energy Economics (journal) []
*European Economic Review []
*European Political Economy Review []
*Games and Economic Behavior
*Health Economics (publication) []
*Industrial and Labor Relations Review
*International Economic Review
*International Journal of Central Banking
*Japanese Economic Review
*Journal of Applied Econometrics
*Journal of Behavioral Finance
*Journal of Business and Economic Statistics
*Journal of Development Economics []
*Journal of Econometrics
*Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
*Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control
*Journal of Economic Education
*Journal of Economic Issues
*Journal of Economic Literature
*Journal of Economic Perspectives
*Journal of Economic Theory
*Journal of Environmental Economics
*Journal of Environmental Economics and Management []
*Journal of the European Economic Association []
*Journal of Financial Economics
*Journal of Human Resources
*Journal of Institutional Economics
*Journal of International Economics
*Journal of Labor Economics
*Journal of Mathematical Economics
*Journal of Monetary Economics
*Journal of Money, Credit and Banking
*Journal of Policy Modelling
*Journal of Political Economy
*Journal of Public Economics
*Journal of Technology Transfer
*Land Economics (the journal) []
*Macroeconomic Dynamics
*Manchester School
*National Institute Economic Review []
*National Tax Journal []
*ORDO, The Annual Review of Economic and Social Order
*Oxford Review of Economic Policy []
*Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
*Quarterly Journal of Economics
*Rand Journal of Economics []
*Rethinking Marxism
*Review of Austrian Economics []
*Review of Economic Dynamics []
*Review of Economic Studies []
*Review of Economics and Statistics []
*Review of Environmental Economics and Policy []
*Review of International Political Economy
*Review of Political Economy
*Review of Radical Political Economics
*Scandinavian Journal of Economics
*Science and Society
*Scottish Journal of Political Economy
*Small Business Economics []

*South African Journal of Economics


[ Journal Classification List] : An online Ranking System developed by the [ Tinbergen Institute]

Pantelis Kalaitzidakis, Theofanis Mamuneas, and Thanasis Stengos (2003), Rankings of Academic Journals and Institutions in Economics. "Journal of the European Economic Association" 1 (6):1346-66.

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