Brake (disambiguation)

Brake (disambiguation)

Brake may refer to one of the following:


* Brake, a device for slowing or stopping the motion of a machine
* Brake (railway)
* Brake (carriage), a type of carriage, often referred to as a shooting brake
** Shooting brake, a British English alternative term for estate car


* Brake (Unterweser), a city in Germany
* Brake, West Virginia


* Brakes (band), the UK band (known in America as BrakesBrakesBrakes)
* The Brakes, a modern rock band from Philadelphia
* Brakes, a 2008 single from the UK band Royworld


* Brake (fern), a type of ferns
* Box and pan brake, a type of sheet metal benders
* Brake (agriculture) an agricultural machine used to separate the woody parts of a plant from the fibre for textile crops such as hemp and flax
* Brake (surname)

ee also

* Braken
* Break

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