Frontal lobe injury

Frontal lobe injury

Frontal lobe injury is caused by a number of conditions such as trauma, meningitis, or even prolonged lack of oxygen, such as in drowning.] The frontal lobe is an extremely vulnerable spot to injury due to its location at the front of the brain, and even minor trauma, such as a concussion, can cause permanent, irreversible damage. [ [ Brain Trauma, Brain Images of Head Injuries, SPECT Scans, Amen Clinics ] ] [ [ NBC's Dateline - Amnesia ] ] Because the frontal lobes are responsible for human behaviour and emotional development, trauma to the front of the cerebral cortex impairs perception and rationality, social behaviour, personality, language skills, attention span, motor skills, and sexual behaviour [ Temporal Lobe Function ] ] , as well as facial expression. Broca's aphasia is strongly associated with frontal lobe injury, because Aphasia is caused by a lesion in Broca's area, which is located in the frontal lobe. [ [ Page 4 ] ]


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