Shenyang Institute of Engineering

Shenyang Institute of Engineering

Shenyang Engineering Institute under the Liaoning Provincial People’s Government, the existing covers an area of 920,000 square meters, construction area of 270,000 square meter.

College with nine teaching and seven of the Department of Teaching (Centre). Disciplines and professional settings to technology-based projects, covering workers, economic and text management, law and other disciplines five categories, the existing Undergraduate 19, 39 College professional. The State Engineering of the four professional model, the pilot reform of state-level teaching profession 4. National College for 28 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) enrollment, existing in all kinds of more than 15,000 students. Institute based in Liaoning, and the country, serving the power industry, equipment manufacturing and modern services, the graduates always good to the overall quality and strong practical skills to win the favor of the employing units.

Schools with a better system of school conditions and experimentation, training facilities. Research stronger, with a provincial-level key laboratories, two city-level key laboratories, a provincial university engineering and technology center and a municipal engineering center.

Liaoning solar energy research and application Limited was identified as post-doctoral workstations. College to build a first-class modern information network system, modernization of the library construction area of 20,000 square meters, the library collection more than 80 million copies.

College actively expand exchanges and cooperation with Canada has Honghe Institute, Canada BC Institute of Technology, Canada Electronic Engineering University, Polytechnic University of Munich, Germany, France IUT Institute of Technology Union, Australia Murdoch University, 15 foreign universities and educational institutions concluded inter-school Friendly relations.Schools to "rely on industry, market-oriented, engineering education, vocational orientation, build brands, the people’s satisfaction" for the school concept, initially formed a “engineering education as the main undergraduate education, higher vocational education common development to full-time education for The main, various forms of part-time education and sustainable development of international cooperation in education; work as the main body and strengthen the characteristics of grammar administered by the coordinated development of the “pattern of the school, the school's goal is: build similar institutions-class, multi-Branch of the , Open, application-oriented universities.

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