Wheels or WHEELS can refer to:

*The plural of wheel.
*Wheels nickname for, Michael Williams
*"Wheels (novel)", a novel by Arthur Hailey.
*Wheels (band) on Warner Brothers Records UK - opening act for numerous British bands such as Genesis on the 'Selling England By the Pound' tour. The band was fronted by Scottish singer and musician Dave Kelly.
*Wheels (operating system), an operating system for the Commodore 64.
*"Wheels", a hit song in 1961 for the instrumental group The String-A-Longs.
*In the Judeo-Christian Tradition Wheels may refer to Thrones or Ophanim.
*Wheels magazine, a magazine which is published in Australia.
*Wheels (show) on Time Warner Cable.
*WHEELS (California), a bus service in the San Francisco Bay Area, California
*Wheels (New Jersey Transit), a suburban bus service operated by contractors for New Jersey Transit
*Derek "Wheels" Wheeler, a character from the "Degrassi" series played by Neil Hope
* WHEELS, the DBA name for the Norwalk Transit District in Norwalk, Connecticut
*"Wheels," slang for automobile.
*In horology a term for gears
*"Wheels" (album), the debut album of Hometown News

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