McAuliffe (crater)

McAuliffe (crater)
McAuliffe (crater)
Coordinates 33°00′S 148°54′W / 33.0°S 148.9°W / -33.0; -148.9Coordinates: 33°00′S 148°54′W / 33.0°S 148.9°W / -33.0; -148.9
Diameter 19 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 149° at sunrise
Eponym Christa McAuliffe

McAuliffe is a small lunar impact crater that is located on the Moon's far side. It lies within the inner ring of the double-ringed walled plain Apollo, about one crater diameter to the northeast of the crater Resnik. To the southeast of McAuliffe lies the crater pair of Jarvis and McNair.

McAuliffe is a bowl-shaped feature with a roughly circular rim. The rim edge has some wear, but is not overlain by other impacts of significance. The interior floor is roughly circular and featureless.


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