Biysk Pedagogical State University

Biysk Pedagogical State University

name = V.M. Shukshin Biysk Pedagogical State University
native_name = Бийский педагогический государственный университет имени В. М. Шукшина

motto =
established = 1939
type = Pedagogical/Teacher
endowment =
staff =
faculty =
president =
provost =
principal =
rector =
students =
undergrad =
postgrad =
doctoral =
profess =
city =Biysk
state =Altai Krai
country =Russia
campus =Urban
mascot =
nickname =
affiliations =
footnotes =
website = []
address =
telephone =
coor =
logo =

V.M. Shukshin Biysk Pedagogical (Teachers' Training) State University or Shukshin State Pedagogical University of Biysk ( _ru. Бийский педагогический государственный университет имени В. М. Шукшина) is a university in Biysk, Altai Krai.

University History

Biysk Teachers' Institute was established in 1939 and became a pedagogical institute in 1953. In 2000 this institution of higher education received a university status. In 2001 the university was named after V.M. Shukshin.


* Faculty of Fine Arts and Design
* Faculty of Foreign Languages
* Faculty of History and Law
* Faculty of Natural Geography
* Faculty of Philology
* Faculty of Physics and Mathematics
* Faculty of Psychology
* Faculty of Technology and Professional Pedagogical Education
* Music-Pedagogical Faculty
* Pedagogical Faculty

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