List of hoverfly species of Great Britain

List of hoverfly species of Great Britain

__NOTOC__The following is a list of hoverfly (Syrphidae) species recorded in Great Britain.

Cautionary note: Stubbs and Falk (1983), "British Hoverflies", divide the family into a subfamilies and tribes. These subdivisions are now believed to be, to some extent, artificial groupings, not reflecting the evolutionary relationships within the family, and as such, are in need of revision. However, as no replacement system is yet in place, these groupings are retained in this list.

The six unnamed species listed in Stubbs and Falk (1983) are not included below.

ubfamily Syrphinae

Tribe Bacchini (incorporating Melanostomatini)

Genus "Baccha"

* "Baccha elongata" (syn. "B. obscuripennis")

Genus "Melanostoma"

* "Melanostoma dubium"
* "Melanostoma mellinum"
* "Melanostoma scalare"

Genus "Platycheirus"

ubgenus "Pachysphyria"

* "Platycheirus ambiguus"

ubgenus "Platycheirus"

* "Platycheirus albimanus"
* "Platycheirus angustatus"
* "Platycheirus clypeatus"
* "Platycheirus discimanus"
* "Platycheirus fulviventris"
* "Platycheirus immarginatus"
* "Platycheirus manicatus"
* "Platycheirus melanopsis"
* "Platycheirus peltatus"
* "Platycheirus perpallidus"
* "Platycheirus podagratus"
* "Platycheirus scambus"
* "Platycheirus scutatus"
* "Platycheirus sticticus"
* "Platycheirus tarsalis"

Genus "Pyrophaena"

* "Pyrophaena granditarsa"
* "Pyrophaena rosarum"

Genus "Xanthandrus"

* "Xanthandrus comtus"

Tribe Paragini

Genus "Paragus"

ubgenus "Pandasyopthalmus"

* "Paragus haemorrhous"
* "Paragus tibialis"

ubgenus "Paragus"

* "Paragus albifrons"

Tribe Syrphini (incorporating Chrysotoxini)

Genus "Chrysotoxum"

*"Chrysotoxum arcuatum"
*"Chrysotoxum bicinctum"
*"Chrysotoxum cautum"
*"Chrysotoxum elegans"
*"Chrysotoxum festivum"
*"Chrysotoxum octomaculatum"
*"Chrysotoxum vernale"
*"Chrysotoxum verralli"

Genus "Dasysyrphus"

*"Dasysyrphus albostriatus"
*"Dasysyrphus friuliensis"
*"Dasysyrphus pinastri" (listed as "D. lunulatus" by Stubbs & Falk 1983)
*"Dasysyrphus tricinctus"
*"Dasysyrphus venustus"

Genus "Didea"

*"Didea alneti"
*"Didea fasciata"
*"Didea intermedia"

Genus "Doros"

* "Doros profuges" (listed as "D. conopseus" by Stubbs & Falk 1983)

Genus "Epistrophe"

ubgenus "Epistrophe"

*"Epistrophe diaphana"
*"Epistrophe eligans"
*"Epistrophe grossulariae"
*"Epistrophe melanstoma"
*"Epistrophe nitidicollis"
*"Epistrophe ochrostoma"

ubgenus "Epistrophella"

*"Epistrophe euchroma"

Genus "Episyrphus"

*"Episyrphus balteatus"

Genus "Eriozona"

ubgenus "Eriozona"

*"Eriozona syrphoides"

ubgenus "Megasyrphus"

*"Eriozona erratica" (syn. "Megasyrphus annulipes")

Genus "Eupeodes" ("Metasyrphus" of Stubbs & Falk 1983)

ubgenus "Eupeodes"

*"Metasyrphus corollae"
*"Metasyrphus latifasciatus"
*"Metasyrphus latilunulatus"
*"Metasyrphus lundbecki"
*"Metasyrphus luniger"
*"Metasyrphus nielseni"
*"Metasyrphus nitens"

ubgenus "Lapposyrphus"

*"Metasyrphus lapponicus"

Genus "Leucozona"

ubgenus "Ischyrosyrphus"

*"Leucozona glaucia"
*"Leucozona laternaria"

ubgenus "Leucozona"

*"Leucozona lucorum"

Genus "Melangyna"

*"Melangyna arctica"
*"Melangyna barbifrons"
*"Melangyna cincta"
*"Melangyna compositarum"
*"Melangyna ericarum"
*"Melangyna labiatarum"
*"Melangyna lasiophthalma"
*"Melangyna quadrimaculata"
*"Melangyna umbellatarum"

Genus "Meligramma"

*"Meligramma euchromum"
*"Meligramma guttata"
*"Meligramma triangulifera"

Genus "Meliscaeva"

*"Meliscaeva auricollis"
*"Meliscaeva cinctella"

Genus "Parasyrphus"

*"Parasyrphus annulatus"
*"Parasyrphus lineolus"
*"Parasyrphus malinellus"
*"Parasyrphus nigritarsis"
*"Parasyrphus punctulatus"
*"Parasyrphus vittiger"

Genus "Scaeva"

*"Scaeva albomaculata"
*"Scaeva mecogramma"
*"Scaeva pyrastri"
*"Scaeva selenitica"

Genus "Sphaerophoria"

*"Sphaerophoria abbreviata"
*"Sphaerophoria batava"
*"Sphaerophoria loewi"
*"Sphaerophoria menthastri"
*"Sphaerophoria philanthus"
*"Sphaerophoria rueppellii"
*"Sphaerophoria scripta"
*"Sphaerophoria taeniata"
*"Sphaerophoria virgata"

Genus "Syrphus"

*"Syrphus ribesii"
*"Syrphus torvus"
*"Syrphus vitripennis"

Genus "Xanthogramma"

*"Xanthogramma citrofasciatum"
*"Xanthogramma pedissequum"


Tribe Callicerini

Genus "Callicera"

*"Callicera aurata" (listed in Stubbs and Falk 1983 as "C. aenea")
*"Callicera rufa"
*"Callicera spinolae"

Tribe Cheilosiini

Genus "Cheilosia"

*"Cheilosia albipila"
*"Cheilosia albitarsis"
*"Cheilosia antiqua"
*"Cheilosia barbata"
*"Cheilosia bergenstammi"
*"Cheilosia caerulescens" [.cite journal |author= Collins, G.A. and Halstead, A.J.|year= 2008|month= August |title= "Cheilosia caerulescens" (Meigen, 1822) (Diptera, Syrphidae) new to Britain|journal= Dipterists Digest (Second series)|volume=15 |issue=1 |pages=23–26 | publisher = Dipterists Forum | issn = 0953-7260 | language = English]
*"Cheilosia carbonaria"
*"Cheilosia chrysocoma"
*"Cheilosia cynocephala"
*"Cheilosia fraterna"
*"Cheilosia griseiventris"
*"Cheilosia grossa"
*"Cheilosia illustrata"
*"Cheilosia impressa"
*"Cheilosia lasiopa" (listed as "C. honesta" by Stubbs & Falk 1983)
*"Cheilosia latifrons" (syn. "C. intonsa")
*"Cheilosia longula"
*"Cheilosia mutabilis"
*"Cheilosia nebulosa"
*"Cheilosia nigripes"
*"Cheilosia pagana"
*"Cheilosia praecox" (syn. "C. globulipes")
*"Cheilosia proxima"
*"Cheilosia pubera"
*"Cheilosia sahlbergi"
*"Cheilosia scutellata"
*"Cheilosia semifasciata"
*"Cheilosia soror"
*"Cheilosia uviformis"
*"Cheilosia variabilis"
*"Cheilosia velutina"
*"Cheilosia vernalis"
*"Cheilosia vicina" (syn. "C. nasutula")
*"Cheilosia vulpina"

Genus "Ferdinandea"

*"Ferdinandea cuprea"
*"Ferdinandea ruficornis"

Genus "Portevinia"

*"Portevinia maculata"

Genus "Rhingia"

*"Rhingia campestris"
*"Rhingia rostrata"

Tribe Chrysogastrini

Genus "Brachyopa"

*"Brachyopa bicolor"
*"Brachyopa insensilis"
*"Brachyopa pilosa"
*"Brachyopa scutellaris"

Genus "Chrysogaster"

*"Chrysogaster cemeteriorum" (syn. "Ch. chalybeata")
*"Chrysogaster solstitialis"
*"Chrysogaster virescens"

Genus "Hammerschmidtia"

*"Hammerschmidtia ferruginea"

Genus "Lejogaster"

ubgenus "Liogaster"

*"Lejogaster metallina"
*"Lejogaster tarsata" (syn. "L. splendida")

Genus "Melanogaster" (included in "Chrysogaster" in Stubbs & Falk 1983)

*"Melanogaster aerosa" (listed as "Chrysogaster macquarti" in Stubbs & Falk 1983)
*"Melanogaster hirtella"

Genus "Myolepta"

*"Myolepta dubia" (listed as "M. luteola" in Stubbs and Falk 1983)
*"Myolepta potens"

Genus "Neoascia"

*"Neoascia geniculata"
*"Neoascia interrupta"
*"Neoascia meticulosa"
*"Neoascia obliqua"
*"Neoascia podagrica"
*"Neoascia tenur"

Genus "Orthonevra"

*"Orthonevra brevicornis"
*"Orthonevra geniculata"
*"Orthonevra nobilis"
*"Orthonevra splendens"

Genus "Sphegina"

*"Sphegina clunipes"
*"Sphegina kimakowiczi"
*"Sphegina verecunda"

Tribe Eristalini

Genus "Anasimyia"

*"Anasimyia contracta"
*"Anasimyia interpuncta"
*"Anasimyia lineata"
*"Anasimyia lunulata"
*"Anasimyia transfuga"

Genus "Eristalinus"

ubgenus "Eristalinus"

*"Eristalinus sepulchralis"

ubgenus "Lathyrophthalmus"

*"Eristalinus aeneus"

Genus "Eristalis"

ubgenus "Eoseristalis"

* "Eristalis abusivus"
* "Eristalis arbustorum"
* "Eristalis cryptarum"
* "Eristalis horticola"
* "Eristalis interruptus" (listed as "E. nemorum" by Stubbs & Falk 1983)
* "Eristalis intricarius"
* "Eristalis pertinax"
* "Eristalis rupium"
* "Eristalis similis"

ubgenus "Eristalis"

* "Eristalis tenax"

Genus "Helophilus"

*"Helophilus affinis"
*"Helophilus groenlandicus"
*"Helophilus hybridus"
*"Helophilus pendulus"
*"Helophilus trivittatus"

Genus "Lejops"

*"Lejops vittata"

Genus "Mallota"

*"Mallota cimbiciformis"

Genus "Myathropa"

*"Myathropa florea"

Genus "Parhelophilus"

*"Parhelophilus consimilis"
*"Parhelophilus frutetorum"
*"Parhelophilus versicolor"

Tribe Merodontini (incorporating Eumerini)

Genus "Eumerus"

*"Eumerus ornatus"
*"Eumerus sabulonum"
*"Eumerus strigatus" – Small narcissus fly
*"Eumerus tuberculatus"– Small narcissus fly

Genus "Merodon"

*"Merodon equestris" – Large narcissus fly

Genus "Psilota"

*"Psilota anthracina"

Tribe Pelecocerini

Genus "Chamaesyrphus"

*"Chamaesyrphus caledonicus"
*"Chamaesyrphus scaevoides"

Genus "Pelecocera"

*"Pelecocera tricincta"

Tribe Pipizini

Genus "Heringia"

ubgenus "Heringia"

*"Heringia heringi"

ubgenus "Neocnemodon"

*"Heringia brevidens"
*"Heringia latitarsis"
*"Heringia pubescens"
*"Heringia verrucula"
*"Heringia vitripennis"

Genus "Pipiza"

*"Pipiza austriaca"
*"Pipiza bimaculata"
*"Pipiza fenestrata"
*"Pipiza lugubris"
*"Pipiza luteitarsis"
*"Pipiza noctiluca"

Genus "Pipizella"

*"Pipizella maculipennis"
*"Pipizella varipes"
*"Pipizella virens"

Genus "Trichopsomyia"

"Trichopsomyia flavitarsis"

Genus "Triglyphus"

"Triglyphus primus"

Tribe Sericomyiini

Genus "Arctophila"

*"Arctophila superbiens" (syn. "A. fulva")

Genus "Sericomyia"

*"Sericomyia lappona"
*"Sericomyia silentis"

Tribe Volucellini

Genus "Volucella"

*"Volucella bombylans"
*"Volucella inanis"
*"Volucella inflata"
*"Volucella pellucens"
*"Volucella zonaria"

Tribe Xylotini

Genus "Blera"

*"Blera fallax"

Genus "Brachypalpoides"

*"Brachypalpoides lentus" (listed in Stubbs and Falk 1983 as "B. lenta")

Genus "Brachypalpus"

*"Brachypalpus laphriformis"

Genus "Caliprobola"

*"Caliprobola speciosa"

Genus "Chalcosyrphus"

ubgenus "Xylotina"

*"Chalcosyrphus nemorum"

ubgenus "Xylotodes"

*"Chalcosyrphus eunotus"

Genus "Criorhina"

*"Criorhina asilica"
*"Criorhina berberina"
*"Criorhina floccosa"
*"Criorhina ranunculi"

Genus "Pocota"

*"Pocota personata"

Genus "Syritta"

*"Syritta pipiens"

Genus "Tropidia"

*"Tropidia scita"

Genus "Xylota"

*"Xylota abiens"
*"Xylota coeruleiventris"
*"Xylota florum"
*"Xylota segnis"
*"Xylota sylvarum"
*"Xylota tarda"
*"Xylota xanthocnema"

ubfamily Microdontinae

Genus "Microdon"

*"Microdon analis" (syn. "M. eggeri")
*"Microdon devius"
*"Microdon mutabilis"

Additional species recorded from Ireland

The following additional species have been recorded in Ireland but not from Britain:

*"Cheilosia ahenea"
*"Cheilosia psilophthalma"


* Chandler, Peter (1998) "Handbooks for the Identification of British Insects: volume 12 - Checklists of Insects of the British Isles (New Series) Part 1. Diptera" Royal Entomological Society
* Stubbs, Alan E. and Steven Falk (1983), "British Hoverflies" British Entomological and Natural History Society

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