"Amaliricus" is an Old German name, comprised of the roots "amal" (work), and "ric" (power). It, along with its root words, is (or may be) the source of more modern names, including Emery and Emerson.

Alternates: Americ, Almerich, Emeric, Emerick, Emery, Emerson, Emory.Surnames: Emery, Emerson, Emory.

* French: Amaury, Amauri.
* German: Amalrich, Emmerich.
* Italian: Amerigo, Arrigo.
* Latin: Americus, Almericus, Emericus.
* Hungarian: Imre.
* Polish: Emeryk.
* Portuguese: Amauri, Américo, América.

Even the name America may well derive from this name. Amerigo Vespucci's Latinized name, Americus Vespucius, is probably the origin of the name of two continents, changed to the feminine to match the other continents.

There is, on the other hand, some question of which names, specifically, come from Amaliricus, and which come from Haimirich, if they have different ultimate origins.

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